ZA Group, Inc. (ZAAG), Announces Vertical Truss Module Production Facility to Receive Large Orders for Australia and New Zealand


PENSACOLA, Florida., May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ZA Group, Inc. (OTC: ZAAG) (“ZAAG” or “the Company”)a company specializing in acquisitions of emerging industries with a focus on direct consumer apparel and self-sufficient farm manufacturing, today announced significant new developments following the recent announcement of the acquisition of 60% of Manufacturing E-Roots Inc. by ZA group. An exclusive license agreement has been finalized for the countries of Australia and New Zealand and a number of orders are about to be issued at Manufacture of electronic roots for the supply of vertical farming modules to these countries. This follows several months of information exchange and discussions with the Investment Partnership Group headquartered in Australia and whose main partners are owners of the Banyan Tree Group, one of the world’s leading independent multi-brand hotel groups, respected for its approach centered on well-being and sustainability. Michael Leeprofessional hotelier and chief spokesperson for the group, said they were drawn to the advanced vertical farming concepts that were developed and refined by Manufacture of electronic roots. After signing the documents, Mr. Lee said, “We are delighted to bring the E-Roots vertical farming modules in our countries and our commitment includes funding for all installations. Preparation of the in-house business plan is well advanced and we expect to issue purchase orders soon for the manufacture, delivery and installation of the first of many E-Roots modules.”

In response to this announcement, Manufacture of electronic roots said, “Over the past 12 months, our brand and its success have become recognized around the world. When we were approached by our new partners in Australia, we knew of their success with innovative companies and our ensuing discussions reinforced our enthusiastic optimism. We anticipate many new opportunities with our partners in Australia/New Zealand and our ZAAG shareholders can expect to see similar announcements of new partnerships in other countries soon.”

John MorganZAAG’s CEO responded to this latest announcement as follows: “Local food security has quickly become a global phenomenon. Our recently announced acquisition of Manufacture of electronic roots followed our own due diligence review of the company and its internal vertical farming technology and our belief that we had a winning team. Today’s announcement demonstrates the enormous global potential of a timely business model and its technology.”

About ZA Group, Inc. (ZAAG) ZA Group, Inc. is an emerging industry acquisition company with an emphasis on direct consumer apparel and self-sufficient farm manufacturing. His goal is to take his brands to the next level, whether to own, license or manage. Currently, ZA Group, Inc. owns 60% of E-Roots Manufacturing, Inc., to manufacture stand-alone vertically integrated farms, and NFID as a wholly-owned subsidiary, an online retail outlet offering clothing ( visit the website).

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