WWE’s Nick Khan has signed a new contract that will make him richer


He was a popular scapegoat for fans and others as WWE cut costs during the pandemic. But with the company having come through Vince McMahon’s resignation is better than anyone could have imaginedpeople recognize the work done by former WWE Chairman and Chief Revenue Officer and current Co-CEO Nick Khan.

Luckily for Khan, some of the people acknowledging his efforts are on WWE’s board of directors. that according to this week Wrestling observation bulletinwhich reports that Khan signed a new contract with WWE on October 19. The deal is expected to last until August 5, 2025.

This will make Khan, who before joining WWE in 2020 was a talent agent specializing in sports media, a wealthy man. Or should we say an even richer man than he already is. Dave Meltzer writes:

“His base salary will be $1,350,000 per year along with a target annual bonus of an additional $2,160,000 as well as stock awards of $3,575,000 per year. Khan had secured $15 million in stock when he first signed with WWE two years ago.

Nice job if you can get it, amirite?

Without getting into a debate about executive compensation or business ethics, Khan has objectively done a pretty incredible job navigating the company not only through leadership transition, but also a global pandemic and climate of economic insecurity. If you’re a WWE stakeholder, you must be pretty happy that he’s not going anywhere for the next few years.


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