Why Resident Doctors Are Restless and What ‘Neros’ Should Do As Third Wave of COVID Knocks on Door


However, although the result was declared on September 28, the board of successful applicants and resulting admissions were suspended due to an ongoing legal challenge in the Supreme Court of India due to the opacity around the definition of SAP. (Economicly Weaker Section), a new category for which entry reservation has been introduced.

In the meantime, doctors in their final year of post-graduation have passed out, while those in their final year are now hard pressed for their exams, leaving second-year postgraduate students alone to do much. of the clinic work.

It is also the group that has spent most of its time providing care to Covid patients whether they have joined to become anesthesiologists, or orthopedists, surgeons or any other specialization. They had almost little chance of continuing their core discipline, let alone completing their PG thesis.

After working 100 to 120 hours a week as the pandemic brought down patients like nine pins, physically and emotionally exhausted, they now have no support in the form of a new batch of trainee doctors to train for the challenges at hand. to come.

With another wave of a pandemic knocking on doors, and the Mandarins, their political masters and the Lordships taking their time to resolve the issues of policy, the usurious extraction of labor from enslaved medical residents who must depend on the The tender mercy of the absent “generals” for graduation appear to be the expedient to provide clinical care in times of pandemic.

What has been said above is only the most superficial of the consequences of a situation where monkeys with shaving blades produced many bloody faces – that of individuals and of the entire health care system. .

Only time will reveal the deepest consequences of the systematic systemic disruption due to the institutionalized stupidity that has come to reign in the country.

Before concluding, it should be emphasized that the attrition operation was not unilateral. With the deliberate reduction in publicly funded health care, the concept of care evolved into coverage, and patients came to be viewed as consumers of health care; indeed, even as Hindu and Muslim consumers who need to be separated even in healthcare facilities, and terms like corona jihad have become new additions to the science of epidemiology.

With the perceived “dominant tops” of the medical profession, which at one time belonged to state-funded medical schools, shifting to private corporate hospitals, the spirit of serving the people has been severely crippled by greed. In the process, the medical profession as a whole and its most dynamic section, that of medical students and medical residents, who should be motivated by higher ideals, acquiesced in the changes being made by the ruling elite. The miseries facing this section owe in no less considerable terms to this acquiescence.

It is time for us to remember that ordinary people of India always admire us; that we are only an integral part of the people; and that we are nothing without the people.

As for the Neros of the situation, the dawn of common sense is never too late to come.



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