“We’re even sorry for him!” Vadim Kazachenko risks going bankrupt due to debts


This story began two years ago: at the dawn of the pandemic, Vadim Kazachenko’s concert in Kirov was canceled due to unsold tickets, however, he categorically refused to return the deposit received for the performance. The organizers went to court – 600,000 rubles, after all, are not on the road. The decision was not made in favor of the star, deciding to recover from the interpreter “It hurts me, it hurts” the entire amount. But then the matter arose – Kazachenko said that he owed nothing and in general did not have money.

“Only recently, after a threat to officially put him out of business, Vadim Gennadievich and his wife, Irina Amanti, who appears to be his manager, transferred 150,000 rubles to us,” promoter Ruslan Mamedov told StarHit. Like throwing a dog a bone. Then another 50. There is only one conclusion to be drawn here: he has some kind of finances, he just does not want to pay himself, maliciously evades and deliberately does not comply with the decision of the Russian court . Which in three cases clearly indicates: the money must be returned!

Promoters monitor singer's performances, for which he receives fees, so bailiffs can collect debts

Promoters monitor singer’s performances, for which he receives fees, so bailiffs can collect debts

At the moment, the singer still owes 400,000 rubles to the company Humanitarian Technologies, plus another 137 for the work of lawyers. An unpleasant situation, according to the organizers, could have been avoided if Kazachenko’s leadership had been more flexible.

The fact is that the agreement between the parties was reached even though there was no pandemic at all. And the concert itself was due to take place in March 2020 – when people sat in their homes in horror, awaiting the first reports of sick people. Then the score was in the tens, but they were scarier than the current hundreds of thousands.

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“During the implementation of the project, two negative factors played on the buying activity: Kazachenko’s participation in dirty talk shows and the covid”, explain the organizers of the tour to StarHit. — Sales have increased, which of course we did not expect. Guided by business ethics, we warned them against this and asked them to legally review the terms of the transaction in relation to new circumstances. First, they proposed to reduce the fee, then to optimize the data sheet. In addition, at that time we ourselves realized that we would suffer losses – at least 100,000 rubles. The side of the artist has long and cynically ignored us. As a result, we made the decision to cancel the concert, having found no other way out.

Mammadov admits similar situations have happened more than once with other artists, especially during the coronavirus era. And the stars have always met halfway, looking for a compromise, realizing that now it’s difficult for everyone – both musicians and event planners. And the world of show business, while it seems so big, is actually quite narrow – and reputation is probably the one thing that’s hard to buy in there.

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“By the way, Kazachenko, despite the notifications received about the cancellation of the concert, came to us in Kirov – without musicians, without a technical group – with a small suitcase and an escort,” the representative of Kirovconcert recalls. “Like, I’m ready to talk, but you won’t let me. He stomped on the closed gates of the site and left. To be honest, we feel sorry for him now. But we will finish the job.

Photo: archives, Legion-Media


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