Wayne State College students pledge to walk, not drive | News


WAYNE — Students at Wayne State College are pledging to walk or bike to school and home on Wednesday, April 20.

Students in WSC’s business ethics classes chose the engagement campaign to promote environmental responsibility and personal health. According to a study by the Pacific Institute, walking 1 ½ miles a day instead of driving that distance produces only a quarter of the amount of greenhouse gases that driving would create. The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control, reports that more vehicles driven are linked to higher rates of asthma, as well as higher numbers of traffic accidents and deaths. Finally, walking is linked to lower risks of problematic diseases such as heart disease, stroke and glaucoma.

Obviously, walking is not feasible for everyone. Many people have to travel long distances to get to work or school, and many careers involve driving to transport goods. Finding ways to avoid or even minimize vehicle uptime can benefit the planet and the community by promoting better air quality, reduced traffic-related instances, and a healthier society.

Any commuters who would also like to participate and commit to the Walk to School Day are encouraged to find a friend or someone they can carpool with on that day. Community members and businesses are encouraged to engage online using the survey. If community members would like more information about the pledge campaign, they are encouraged to contact one of the relevant groups.

Online engagement can be found on Wayne State College Business or WSC Green Team Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. All are invited to join the effort as part of Wayne State College Earth Week. Participants are encouraged to use the hashtag #walkingwildcats.


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