TRATON GROUP creates TRATON Financial Services


GROUPE TRATON sets up a captive and integrated financial services business unit, making substantial progress on a promise made during its initial public offering.

Customers are increasingly demanding more comprehensive and advanced services and a true partnership approach to business as technologies and business models evolve in the transportation and logistics ecosystem. A very important part of this is the types of advanced finance services that come into play when customers switch, for example, to electric vehicles or transport-as-a-service models.

TRATON GROUP is strongly positioned to support its brands and their customers with such financing solutions, as it has a deep understanding of future customer requirements for hardware, software and services. With its expanded financing business, TRATON will create advanced and tailor-made financing solutions for customers, bringing together comprehensive service offerings.

Offering captive financial services will be a key asset in the future business model landscape. Establishing a global footprint also helps to create scale and critical mass in financing and, therefore, to be able to offer advanced and comprehensive financial services to all customers of TRATON brands.

Johan Haeggman will lead TRATON Financial Services effective April 1, 2022. Haeggman is currently Scania’s Chief Financial Officer and was involved in building and managing Scania’s successful and profitable financial services business.

Christian Levin, Managing Director of the TRATON GROUP“With the creation of TRATON Financial Services, the TRATON GROUP is accelerating its transformation to become the world leader in sustainable and fully connected transport and to be a true partner for customers of all our brands. This move also marks a new stage in the transformation of the TRATON holding, where we leverage key elements of all brands for the good of the Group. Johan Haeggman is the right man for the job and brings nearly 30 years’ experience in the commercial vehicle industry, including building and managing the industry’s financial services benchmark over the last seven years.

Johan Haeggman, born in 1960, obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics in 1989. He joined Scania as an intern in 1989 and took his first management position in 1991. After several management positions in Europe and Latin America, Haeggman became Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Scania in 2015.


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