Town Ray is committed to strict core values ​​in the pursuit of excellence


“I am very honored to receive this award,” said Ms. Mavis Tang, executive director of Town Ray Holdings Limited (1692.HK), and winner of the 2022 Director of the Year award in the “listed company categories.” “This is testament to our desire to be the first leading company in the electrothermal home appliance industry by providing the best design, the best value, the best quality, the best communication and the best service to our customers and, ultimately account, to continuously improve people’s quality of life. ”

Town Ray is a leading product developer, industrial designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of mid to high end electrothermal home appliances. Their products are grouped into two categories, namely garment care appliances, including steam generators, garment steamers and steam irons; and cooking appliances, including coffee machines, steamers and other cooking appliances. With over 80 invention and utility patents, Town Ray offers an advanced one-stop solution from product design, engineering, research and development, quality assurance to manufacturing. Their products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions, with most of their customers being international famous brands.

“Town Ray has long had a strong presence in the electrothermal appliance manufacturing industry. We pride ourselves on our strict adherence to IEC and other international standards, as well as our extensive operational, managerial and technical expertise. Mrs. Tang said. “We have a wide range of patented products well designed by our highly experienced R&D team. Our products are specifically developed for the different requirements and preferences of our customers. Multiplied by our well-established relationships with reputable customers and suppliers, we remain the main market player driving industrial technologies and know-how forward.

A board that takes honesty, integrity and fairness seriously

Ms. Tang stresses the importance of the board of directors in the effective management of a company. “The decision-making role of our Board of Directors has been amply demonstrated recently by a number of serious challenges, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the lockdown of cities in China, the continued disruption of the global supply chain and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict which has worsened global inflation,” she explains. “With management leadership, we demonstrated strong resilience and delivered exceptional performance in the first half of 2022.”

Insisting on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business and adhering to high standards of business ethics, Town Ray has developed a series of anti-fraud and anti-corruption policies as part of its corporate governance. For example, under the company’s whistleblower policy, employees can anonymously report any suspected or actual occurrences of bribery and corruption to their supervisor or higher-level management.

Award-winning sustainability practices

“As one of the industry-recognized manufacturers of electrothermal home appliances, we believe that taking responsibility for the environment and society is the key to improving business sustainability and bringing long-term value for both its shareholders and stakeholders,” Ms. Tang said. highlighted.

She points out that in addition to overall leadership and oversight of group performance and policies, the Town Ray Board also has overall responsibility for overseeing sustainability issues and integrating them into group strategies. A sustainability committee is established by the board to manage and monitor sustainability performance, targets and implementation of improvement processes, while operations management teams initiate, drive and monitor sustainable development practices in their respective departments.

Ms. Tang explains how Town Ray regularly follows the latest national and regional environmental protection laws and regulations to minimize the impact of its business on the environment. With the clear objective of achieving a 15% reduction in emissions, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, water and energy consumption per unit of production by 2025 compared to the reference year 2020 , the Group has formulated relevant rules for healthy and efficient management of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and household waste and wastewater discharges.

Ms. Tang is pleased to reveal the Group’s ESG performance: “Our continuous efforts to develop and deploy excellent total quality management earned us the Merit Award in the Hong Kong Management Association’s 2021 Quality Award. Additionally, in 2022, we won the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award (ACES Awards) – “Champion of the Industry” by our first nomination this year, and became the first company in Hong Kong to receive this prestigious award. »

Staying engaged throughout the global crisis

Despite the pandemic outbreak in several cities in China which resulted in strict lockdown and temporary suspension of economic activities from February to May 2022, production at Town Ray’s factory in Huizhou continued to operate as usual for respect its delivery schedule. Additionally, during the second quarter of 2022, when military hostilities between Russia and Ukraine escalated, leading to disruption in the supply of raw materials, raw materials and energy, Town Ray was only little impacted by this unexpected geopolitical incident, because he managed to obtain grouped orders. and sufficient raw materials thanks to the Group’s excellent operational protocols and rapid communication with customers and suppliers.

Ms. Tang underlines that the Group remains committed to the delivery of products in the face of difficult situations which have caused serious disruptions in logistics and the supply of raw materials. “This was only achieved through our planning strategies, our rigorous pandemic management measures, as well as close and effective communication with local government, customers and suppliers.”

Dedication to core values ​​to achieve excellence

Ms. Tang expresses her confidence that Town Ray will become the leading advanced product developer and industrial designer as well as manufacturer and supplier, as the group upholds five core values ​​that set them apart and pave the way for excellence: the best design with innovation and excellent achievement; Best value with superior technologies and valued experience; Best quality with top-notch management and tailor-made professions; Better communicate with care and trust; and Best service with commitment.

“We always strictly adhere to these corporate values,” she concludes. “It is through sound management leadership and a close relationship with employees that we continue to strive for excellence and devote tireless efforts to building a trustworthy brand in the company.”


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