Top 5 Land Sales Companies in Nakuru City

Springfield Nakuru Estate by Username Investment Ltd.

Nakuru City is happily enjoying its first year of city status. Among the many things the new city relishes, UNESCO’s listing to join the Creative Cities Network, its growing industry base, positive demographics, the planned expansion of the Nakuru – Nairobi highway, the modernization of an airport, the revival of the railway line, the redesign of the city plan among others.

The real estate market is not left out either. We all know that the real estate market is influenced by demographics, interest rates, government policies and a growing economy. The Nakuru property market is no exception. There are a number of other factors driving up the real estate market in Nakuru town.

First, the newest city has key sectors that boost its revenue collection. According to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics, Nakuru has the second highest GDP rate in Kenya compared to Nairobi. This growth is directly influenced by sectors such as agriculture, energy, in this case geothermal energy and tourism.

Population is another factor that drives real estate growth in any region. According to the 2019 census, the city of Nakuru has a population of over 2.1 million, making it the third most populated area in Kenya after Nairobi and Kiambu. Globally, an increase in population directly leads to an increase in demand for commercial and residential properties in Nakuru

In addition, Nakuru City enjoys an average land price appreciation of 12.7%. That’s according to County Land Prices, which analyzes land prices across the country. All of these factors point to the the benefits of investing in real estateespecially vacant lots.

Are you looking for a company selling land in Nakuru? We’ve done some research for you on some of the land sale companies you should consider when making this important investment decision.

Perimeter fencing and graded access roads in Username Investment Nakuru projects.

Username Investment Ltd

Username Investment Limited is undoubtedly the premier land sale company not only in Nakuru town but also in Kenya as a whole. The company has a delivery record of over 50 projects, with 14 properties in Nakuru town. Some of the Username Investments land projects in Nakuru are; The Hamptons Nakuru Phase I & II, Springfield – Nakuru Phase I, II, III, IV & V, Havanna Estate Nakuru Phase I, II, III & IV, The Vantage Naivasha Phase I & II and Harmony Gardens Nakuru.

The company is distinguished by offering prime properties near major highways such as the Nakuru – Eldoret highway and in areas with very high development potential in high-end residential estates at very affordable prices. In addition, the projects benefit from amenities such as borehole water, perimeter chain link fencing, estate gate, graded access roads and electricity to the site.

Reuben Kimani, CEO of Username Investments, said: “Nakuru City is the future of Kenya, if you are looking for where to find value in investments, invest in the Nakuru property market. We have completed a number of projects in Nakuru and we are currently offering Havanna Estate Nakuru Phase 4 at a cash offer of Kshs 629,000. It’s a prime terrain in Nakuru ideal for commercial and residential developments »

Additionally, to increase the convenience of investors going to view properties and sign land documents, Username Investments has a Nakuru office strategically located at Assumption Center 4e Floor.

Damka properties

Damka Properties is a real estate company in Nakuru. It is one of the fastest growing and customer-focused realtor companies that has a significant footprint in the newer city.

The company’s vision is to continue to earn and maintain the reputation of a refreshing, unique, creative, trustworthy, value-added and professional real estate service provider.

Danco Limited

Danco Limited is a professional real estate advisory powerhouse providing integrated real estate advisory services to its clients. The company goes above and beyond to provide the necessary services and information to clients that leave them satisfied and ready to make their real estate decisions boldly.

Muigai Trade Agencies

Muigai Commercial Agencies is a world renowned name in real estate with years of real estate experience. The company has the largest portfolio of buildings, apartments, properties, land and offices under its management. The real estate company has offices in Nakuru and Nairobi.

Jojean Properties

Jojean Properties Limited is a property and property management company. The company has set the tone in real estate and is committed to delivering customer satisfaction and remaining an industry leader through a strong culture of business ethics and dedication to service delivery. quality to all customers.

In conclusion, getting a genuine land sale company in Nakuru is now easy and convenient, you can talk to a proven company in land sale in Nakuru and they will guide you on how to buy land and to get a real title deed. If you are a Kenyan living abroad and looking for affordable accommodation land investment opportunities in kenya for a Diaspora Kenyan, you can bet on some of the properties for sale in Nakuru.


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