TMS Ep283: Wheat Stocks, Asset Allocation, Andrew Holland, Aircraft Leasing


India’s wheat exports jumped 116% in the first five months of the current fiscal year, driven by aggressive buying by private players who offered lucrative prices to farmers. Meanwhile, India’s own food grain stocks have shrunk and purchases have fallen by 57%. Food Corporation of India wheat stocks are now at their lowest level in six years, slightly above the prescribed minimum. So what is the likely route to take? Will India become a net importer of wheat now, just months after promising to feed the world?

Almost every country in the world is scrambling to find ways to support their economy. Central banks are raising rates to suck up cash and bring down runaway inflation. And the banks also pass on the rates. In the midst of it all, where should you park your hard-earned cash?

Given the volatility, tread carefully on Dalal Street. Although there were some stock-specific wealth creators, the overall scenario was not so good this year. Andrew Holland, CEO, Avendus Capital Public Markets Alternate Strategies spoke with Trade standard‘s Puneet Wadhwa on the opportunities and pitfalls investors need to be aware of in Samvat 2079.

Thanks to the Gift City, which started in Ahmedabad, Indians can now also invest in international stocks. And, through this special zone, India is also trying to become a global hub for aircraft leasing. But why do most airlines prefer to lease planes rather than buy them? And what kind of rental options do they have? Find out in this episode of the podcast.


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