TISD Board Hears Corgan Associates Facility Assessment


During the March 23 meeting of the Texarkana ISD board of directors, Eric Horstman of Corgan Associates reviewed the results of an assessment of the district’s facilities.

“This type of study examines a district’s physical facilities in terms of condition, capacity, educational adequacy and age. It is used to help develop a long-term settlement plan to meet the needs of a district,” Horstman said.

TISD Superintendent Dr. Doug Brubaker said the study supports the district’s Imagine 2026 strategic planning initiative.

“Over the past six months, TISD students, parents, educators, and community leaders have helped develop a new vision for our district, steps to achieve it, and goals that will measure our ongoing progress. road,” Brubaker said. “The results of this facilities assessment will help us align our resources with strategic objectives and more effectively identify emerging needs.”

Horstman noted that facility rating scores are in no way related to a school’s academic quality, and he said no safety issues were observed during the study that would require review. immediate cessation of use of a building. He added that the scores were tabulated in several different areas related to the overall quality of each building. These areas included the architectural envelope; civil engineering and site parameters; observed structural conditions; mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems; the adequacy of education and technology. These individual scores were then combined into a single weighted overall score called the Facility Condition Index, or FCI.

“When we look at a building that has an FCI of 65 or less, it often indicates that the facility has reached the end of its useful life in terms of systems, materials and instructional suitability,” Horstman said. . He added: “This is the point at which the cost to repair exceeds the cost to replace.”

TISD buildings with the lowest composite scores in the study included the Paul Laurence Dunbar Early Education Center with a 62, Goree Academic Learning Center with a 63, Highland Park Elementary with a 64, Theron Jones Early Literacy Center with a 64 and Spring Lake Park Elementary. with a 65. Buildings with the highest scores included Wagoner Creek with a 96, Sixth Grade Center at Texas Middle School with a 95, and Martha & Josh Morriss Mathematics and Engineering Elementary with an 88.

Council Chairman Fred Norton said the assessment reflects the district’s commitment to data-driven decision-making. “As a district committed to long-term planning, part of our job is to go through a needs assessment process. This includes working with district partners and industry experts to determine the financial situation, demographic trends and state of facilities within our school system,” said board chair Fred Norton. “This process reflects the board’s commitment to the strategic planning process, due diligence, developing a facilities master plan, and carefully considering community feedback on what it wants for its students.” , Norton said.

In other matters, the administration updated the Board on the implementation of the $3.1 million in grants awarded to TISD through the Texas COVID Learning Acceleration Supports (TCLAS) program to support students and staff. . The board also approved a memorandum of understanding with Texas A&M-Texarkana to create one-year paid residencies for teacher candidates, as well as an order declaring unopposed candidates elected/cancelling the election of trustees. Not all candidates opposed the February 22, 2022 deadline, so the May 7, 2022 director election was cancelled. The full agenda for the March 23, 2022 TISD Board meeting is available at this link or on the TISD website.

The next meeting of the TISD Board of Directors will take place on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.


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