Tip: EMS does not work for private installations

Photo Courtesy of Jackson EMS

JACKSON – Two township ordinances were approved recently due to an issue with for-profit nursing homes and assisted living facilities calling Jackson EMS regularly for non-emergency calls. Transportation for blood tests and other routine matters should be taken care of by private ambulance services, the city council said.

Such calls compromised the municipality’s EMS as they did not want to pay for the ambulances that the facilities should have to offer their residents, said Council Deputy Chairman Martin Flemming.

The first ordinance 27-21 states that its purpose is “to encourage individuals or entities in Jackson to use township EMS if necessary, but to avoid sending EMS for medical intervention or non-urgent transport.”

A warning would be sent to a commercial operator. They may also be billed according to the frequency of shipments made for non-urgent medical services. The first non-urgent response would result in a warning while the second would result in a fine of $ 250. The third violation would result in a fine of $ 500 while a fourth would result in a fine of $ 750.

Any EMS calls deemed reasonably life-threatening or an emergency at the time, but which were subsequently determined to be non-urgent, would not be counted as violations of the order.

The ordinance does not apply to patient care facilities that are treated in the second ordinance, 28-21. This ordinance states that its purpose is to “preserve and improve the availability of first aid team services for legitimate medical emergencies in Jackson by regulating the use of EMS units in certain non-emergency situations.”

State-approved nursing homes, rest homes, health maintenance organizations, assisted living facilities, healthcare facilities providing inpatient services each meet the definition of patient care facilities. . Other licensed or unlicensed health care providers with the capacity to treat 10 or more outpatients at the same time would also meet this definition.

Such facilities in the township are required to own, hire or lease or have under contract sufficient privately owned ambulance services that are appropriately staffed so that their patients can receive appropriate treatment and transportation for care. non-urgent medical care at any time.

Those who violate this order would face a shipping charge of $ 750 by the township.

Flemming was praised by his fellow council members for bringing this situation to light and responding to it with the two ordinances which were unanimously approved.


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