The people who bring ASU sporting events to life


On the other side, there are people like her colleagues Whittany Horton, ASU Sports Events Coordinator, and Mark Gorski, Sports Facilities Maintenance Manager, who help fill in the blanks to ensure that events take place safely and efficiently.

Horton and Mallon work closely together on the same side of events aspects, ensuring that all information is gathered and distributed with team event coordinators, communicating between the various athletics departments for their needs, logistics and scheduling.

In his role, Horton oversees the management of men’s and women’s gymnastics and tennis events. Likewise, she oversees the guest services program for Sun Devil Athletics.

“We’re basically like a big communications hub,” Horton enthused and mentioned that they also secure operations on the day of an event, preparing for the arrival of fans and making sure their needs are met as well. than athletes. “The best way I could describe it is like we were the go-to person and then we dispersed.”

While Horton and Mallon handle the event relations, Gorski takes care of the facilities and maintenance part.

He primarily oversees ASU’s Desert Financial Arena and the practices, games, and events that take place in the arena: men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and anything related to athletics.

This includes meetings with other maintenance coordinators, departments and coaches to execute all necessary stadium operations.

“[It’s] making sure everyone has their needs met and it’s set up the way it should be,” Gorski said. “Safely, accurately and ready to solve any problems that may arise.”


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