The 8 best TV shows of 2021 for entrepreneurs


Last year provided a solid list of movies and TV shows for viewers who enjoy captivating and inspiring stories of entrepreneurship or corporate intrigue. From auto workers trying to turn around a struggling factory to billionaire tycoons arguing in skyscraper boardrooms, the 2021 TV catalog is chock-full of information and entertainment for business leaders to offer. all levels.

Here are eight series streaming now that you won’t want to miss, listed in order of release date.

1. Wahl Street

Mark Wahlberg’s self-produced docuseries follow the actor as he juggles television and film projects with his burgeoning career as a business mogul, not to mention his crazy morning routine. Most entrepreneurs will give up Wahl Street inspired by Wahlberg’s productivity and motivation (or, just glad they weren’t him).
Where to see it: HBO Max

2. Rutherford Falls

From Parks and recreation producer Michael Schur, Rutherford Falls discusses how citizens and businesses in a small town grapple with the proposed removal of a colonial statue and the potential for conflict between fulfilling professional ambitions and upholding cultural values. The show, which has received high praise for bringing Indigenous voices into the writer’s room, offers a timely expedition of companies awkwardly slipping into thorny cultural debates.
Where to see it: peacock

3. Mythic Quest

The second season of Mythical Quest draws on the video game industry’s first season satire – loosely based on World of warcraft Creator Blizzard, focusing on creative control issues, workplace hijackings, and corporate scandals. The series was recently renewed for two more seasons.
Where to see it: Apple TV +

4. Hacks

Recently renewed for a second season, Hacks has a lot of lessons to teach about building a brand in the entertainment industry. The two comedy-drama protagonists – a hard-to-manage veteran stand-up comic (Jean Smart) and a Gen Z screenwriter fired from her TV job after being canceled on Twitter (Hannah Einbinder) – are battling it out with public relations disasters, distant producers and intense creative differences.
Where to see it: HBO Max

5. Ted lasso

Ted lassoThe second season of s continues the journey of its namesake to turn around a struggling English Premier League football team. The comedy achieved iconic status for his feel-good vibe and Lasso’s inspiring example of leadership through relentless optimism.
Where to see it: Apple TV +

6. Sick

The FX dramatization of Purdue Pharma’s campaign to overprescribe OxyContin makes it clear how the company’s unethical decision-making has fueled the human devastation of the opioid crisis. Dark and skillfully done, Sick is an important reminder of the value of corporate ethics – and what happens when they are abandoned.
Where to see it: Hulu

seven. Succession

The ongoing third season of HBO’s cheerfully secular drama series chronicles the fallout from the disturbing Waystar Royco scandal and the damage control campaign that followed, as well as the fictional media conglomerate’s endlessly ongoing battle for leadership. Succession is an almost perfect diagram of how toxic corporate culture and widespread nepotism can bring even the most powerful companies to the brink of ruin.
Where to see it: HBO Max

8. american automobile

NBC’s workplace comedy follows Katherine Hastings, CEO of a Detroit automaker trying to adjust to sweeping changes in an ultra-competitive industry. The catch: Hastings arrives without any knowledge of cars or how they work. Premiere on December 13 American AutoThe first season of is a source of inspiration for any entrepreneur trying to run a business in an unfamiliar market.
Where to see it: peacock


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