Suspected bribes at Orange County drug treatment centers


A U.S. Department of Justice investigation into bribery schemes at Orange County drug treatment centers has led to criminal charges against 10 defendants this year, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. Los Angeles.

The charges stemmed from what prosecutors dubbed “The Sober Homes Initiative,” the office said Thursday.

The office said the defendants in all 10 cases are drug addiction facility owners and patient recruiters, and the alleged schemes involved bribes to refer patients to treatment facilities, salvage houses or laboratories.

“These facility owners would have assigned a value to patients based on the type of insurance they had, and then paid commissions to patient recruiters for each patient that recruiters referred to their drug treatment facilities,” the office said.

Payments were reportedly made for each month a patient received purported services.

“While many recovery centers provide much-needed services to drug addicts, the people targeted in this sweep are profiting from the opioid crisis in our country by fueling a sales network of patients more concerned with generating profits than helping people. vulnerable, ”said US Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison.


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