Supplier ‘strongly denies’ ‘intentional understaffing’ claims made in class action lawsuit


A trained nurse told the The McKnight Business Daily that it “vigorously denies” allegations made in a class action lawsuit filed Wednesday alleging “chronic and intentional understaffing” at six of its Chicago-area skilled nursing facilities.

The lawsuit against the Alden Group was filed on behalf of nine unnamed individuals by the AARP Foundation; Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym; Equipping for Equality; and Levin & Perconti. The plaintiffs live in Alden Lakeland, Alden Terrace, Alden Town Manor, Alden Heather Healthcare Center, Alden Princeton Rehabilitation and Health Care Center and Alden Village North.

“For many years, Alden has engaged in an ongoing practice of taking advantage of a systematic and conscious understaffing at Alden facilities, causing dangerous, distressing and extremely unsanitary living conditions for thousands of residents. “, said the complaint alleged.

No attorneys of record have been listed for Alden. A company representative told the The McKnight Business Daily that “Alden vigorously denies all allegations of wrongdoing made by the plaintiffs and their attorneys and is confident that the legal process will substantiate Alden in this action.”

The complaint alleged that Alden staff at all named facilities were “significantly below even the absolute legal minimum required nursing hours” from 2018 to 2020 and that most of the six named Alden facilities provided less than 50% of hours resident nursing supplies during that time, according to a news release alleging “chronic and intentional understaffing.”

“The purpose of this class action lawsuit is to finally end the chronic understaffing at Alden’s facilities. It will also send a strong message to other retirement homes and assisted living facilities that they too will be held accountable for the lack of intentional personnel,” attorney Steven Levin, founder and senior partner of Levin & Perconti, said in a statement.

“Alden has always maintained a policy of not discussing the details of any pending litigation in order to preserve the integrity of the litigation process,” Alden’s spokesperson told the The McKnight Business Daily. “Alden is committed to providing quality care, and the well-being of our residents has been and always will be our top priority.”


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