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EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette.

30 years ago

MARQUETTE — Several area businesses have donated money to help maintain the COPS program at the low-income Lake Superior Village apartment complex. As part of COPS – the Community Officer Patrolling Streets program – a city police officer patrols the neighborhood. City business owner Dale Berglund attempted to raise $8,000 to keep the program successful. State funding for COPS has been cut. So far, the town has received $500 from the JJ Shamrock Irish Pub; $25 Feltner plumbing and heating; $50 from Longyear Apartments; $100 from First of America Bank; and $500 from Bresnan Communications.

Bresnan also produced a videotape and donated airtime for the fundraising effort. The COPS program costs about $40,000 to operate.

90 years ago

POWERS – Doris Behrend, a modest and clear-headed Powers telephone operator, was revealed today as one of the main enemies of the Hermanville bank robbers during their robbery on Tuesday.

Miss Behrend knew Sheriff Edward Reindl was at Wilson and when she received the first notice of the Hermansville holdup, she sent a warning to Sheriff Reindl, who was informed minutes after the robbery. Miss Brehand then called the State Police at Iron Mountain and set off a series of systematic alarms in nearby villages to be on the lookout for the bandits’ getaway car. When the sheriff’s office and state police requested that a telephone alarm be issued, they learned that the request had been anticipated and the work had already been done. Ms. Alberta Harris, an agent with Powers for the Michigan Bell Telephone Company, was off duty at the time of the hold-up. She made no report of her assistant’s service to the officers, believing like Miss Behrend, that the latter had merely done his duty.

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