SmartLinx Launches First Staffing Marketplace to Address Healthcare Workforce Shortage


ISELIN, New Jersey, December 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SmartLinx, a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions for post-acute care and the elderly, and all other health facilities today announced the launch of its SmartLinx personnel market, an end-to-end staffing platform for post-acute and senior care facilities. API-driven, seamless market integration with healthcare staffing agencies gives facility operators the ability to manage agency nurses within their existing workforce management application.

Nursing homes and retirement homes lost almost 13% of their workers during the Covid-19 pandemic, as staff got sick, tested positive for the virus, or left to care for their family. As establishments seek new staff, many are asking existing teams to work overtime, while struggling with chronic issues Burnout. 38% of assisted living service providers hiring of temporary staff, while 28% have limited number of new admissions due to understaffing. The 255% increase in nursing positions over the past 12 months increased demand and caused additional challenges for the management of third-party caregivers, forcing organizations to rely heavily on agency staff to maintain the highest standard of patient care.

“SmartLinx continues to exemplify our commitment to innovate in the healthcare industry by focusing more clearly on our customers’ most critical challenges and helping them solve them by creating high-quality technology solutions that improve the quality of life. ‘experience of caregivers, enabling them to provide the best care in their class. ,” noted Michelle northey, product manager, SmartLinx.

The SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace is a market-leading platform that connects recruiting agencies to a healthcare organization’s existing SmartLinx workforce management platform. This allows planning coordinators to fill shifts faster, include all direct care hours for PBJ from a single source, and eliminate the manual tracking of agency nurses for managing the job. work and reconciliation of invoices.

With the SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace, healthcare organizations can:

  • Fill shifts efficiently with direct access to recruiting agencies, all from an easy-to-use digital scheduling platform.
  • Eliminate the administrative burden associated with managing the agency to minimize the risk of lost revenue due to double bookings, gaps in care, compliance penalties and inaccurate invoices.
  • Ensure reporting accuracy with automated and integrated data entry.
  • Improve the invoice reconciliation process using clock results, eliminating potential human errors.

SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace provides visibility into a facility’s entire staff ecosystem, in one place and in real time, so organizations can make better business decisions about their biggest spend. company – staff.

“When the pandemic exacerbated an already growing staff shortage, we knew we had to act quickly to help organizations fill the staffing gap and minimize costs. Healthcare organizations have become increasingly dependent on nursing staffing agencies, and we are proud to bring the first staffing platform to market during such a critical time and period of change. We know this will help transform the market and address the staffing challenges in the industry, ”said Marina Aslanian, CEO of SmartLinx.

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In 2000, we started out as business owners, frustrated by the lack of a specially designed planning solution that the industry desperately needed. The job wasn’t working for us, so we created our own solution and SmartLinx was born. We’re a 16 Stevie award-winning SaaS company, supporting hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers across the country through the healthcare providers we serve. For more information, please visit or call 877-501-1310.

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