SimCorp A/S: and StarQube join forces to offer an integrated investment solution…


The combination of StarQube with SimCorp’s integrated front-to-back investment management platform will provide joint clients with secure and easy access to a comprehensive investment decision-making platform, allowing them to perform quantitative research as well as the construction and optimization of portfolios. StarQube provides a state-of-the-art environment to create proprietary investment signals and back-test strategies; it is also a scalable tool that provides research or quantification teams with a large library of APIs to carry out their data science work.

StarQube enables clients to leverage multiple data sources, including financial and non-financial data, to produce, in a low-code manner, both internal ESG ratings, leveraging a comprehensive materiality map, and models custom analytics. These can then be used to create, optimize and rebalance portfolios.

Anders Kirkeby, Head of Open Innovation, SimCorp comments: “Some people want good solutions that they can trust and that work out of the box. Others want total freedom. Traditionally, the latter would be stuck with programming tools that are technically complex and have a high cost over their lifetime because the people involved are usually not professional software engineers. StarQube fixes this by giving users with a quantitative aptitude very powerful flexibility without having to write a single line of code, while integration with SimCorp ensures that data flows securely without having to maintain integrations.”

Guillaume Sabouret, CEO of StarQube adds, “The combination of StarQube with SimCorp provides clients with a secure, transparent and integrated solution for investment research and portfolio management, while covering a wide range of their value chain. SimCorp is a great and natural partner. for StarQube as it puts our platform in a front-to-back continuum while broadening our visibility to their large base of global investment management clients.”

The collaboration with StarQube is part of SimCorp’s dedicated open innovation program. This was created to provide SimCorp customers with enhanced innovation by leveraging the power and scale of a vast ecosystem of start-ups, fintechs, cloud and data providers. Joint customers will benefit from this new partnership as the operational solution enables them to conveniently and efficiently manage their reporting requirements globally, accelerating time to value for the business and its customers without also undertaking an IT integration project.

About Sim Corp

SimCorp offers industry-leading, end-to-end investment management solutions.

Our platform and ecosystem, including partners, services and third-party connectivity, enable us to provide 40% of the world’s top 100 financial companies with the efficiency and flexibility to succeed.

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About StarQube

Founded in 2013, StarQube develops a suite of data organization and investment decision support solutions designed to streamline investment processes, from data acquisition, to rapid backtesting of client-defined strategies and risk management, through to portfolio rebalancing, order allocation and reporting. StarQube offers asset managers an agile way to automate each of their clients’ bespoke portfolio management processes while saving on structure and data costs. StarQube is notably used for systematic strategies and for socially responsible investment purposes. To learn more, visit

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