Self-storage facilities have become a new symbol of America


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There have always been symbols of America. Some remain – the bald eagle, the flag, the Statue of Liberty – representing independence and freedom. Others were more ephemeral but remain in the American consciousness as symbols: the Pony Express, the railroad, the steamship – all evocative of movement, of expansion, of entrepreneurship and creativity, of growth and of opportunity. And then there is the automobile: symbol of the country’s manufacturing dynamism, as well as the role it played in the birth and explosive expansion of the suburbs. The ability of Americans to buy a home in the suburbs eventually led to the two-car garage as a symbol of rising living standards.

I would like to propose a new contemporary symbol: self-storage. A symbol of raising the standard of living to overflowing. The house and two-car garage weren’t enough to hold all of our stuff – we needed an extra little house to handle it all. Is there any other business as ubiquitous as installing self-storage?

Gloria Vollmers



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