Seattle sues county over garbage from recycling centers


The city of Seattle is suing the county government in a dispute over waste charges worth $ 3 million from the recycling system.

The Seattle Times reports that Seattle filed a lawsuit Thursday against King County in King County Superior Court to resolve a multi-year dispute over who should be paid for handling the waste that ends up in their recycling programs. local.

At the heart of the problem is the fact that recycling bins collected by King County outside of Seattle’s jurisdiction are ultimately processed at facilities located inside the city.

The city processed 1,980 tonnes of “recyclable waste” – or garbage that ends up in the recycling bin that is not recyclable – for the county. This garbage must be taken to the landfill, and the city and county charge recycling facilities to dump this garbage.

The two sides have split the money in half since February, but Seattle wants it all.

The Seattle City Attorney’s Office and the King County Department of Natural Resources released a joint statement on the lawsuit, saying the two agencies share a commitment to the environment but need a court to settle this dispute.

“(I) in this case, there are conflicting interpretations of the code language that require independent examination,” said both sides. “After many good faith conversations, Seattle and King County concluded that a neutral third party decision maker was needed to clarify and resolve differences in the interpretation of regulations in each jurisdiction.”

The city claims that the state constitution, state law, and city and county codes state that the disposal of waste in a city is the domain of the city, that the waste may originate from the city. outside the city.


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