SeAH Besteel and Embark on Major Expansion Using Novel Worker-Centric AI ™ to Improve Security


IRVINE, Calif., November 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SeAH Besteel and today announced that Korea’s leading special steel maker has pledged to multi-million dollar expansion of its use of Everguard’s Sentri360® platform and ecosystem to continue to increase safety measures at the SeAH Besteel factory located in Gunsan, Korea. Sentri360, a proprietary, worker-centric AI technology, uses artificial intelligence (AI) powered by fusion of sensors to collect data and data from multiple sources to continuously assess the workplace and proactively protect workers against incidents and accidents. Combining computer vision (CV) technology, sensor fusion, advanced computing and wearable devices, Sentri360 is the first truly proactive industrial security solution.

In early 2020, SeAH Besteel began a first trial of the Sentri360 ecosystem, deploying targeted sensor fusion security zoneswithin the facility in areas of greatest safety concern. Gradually, steelmaker Gunsan made substantial gains in worker safety compliance and committed to expanding the platform, reaffirming its position as an innovator in steel. The expansion will focus on using the power of AI and CV to improve safety protocols already in place for initiatives such as personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance, virtual fencing of restricted areas , prevention of crane-to-crane accidents, avoidance of work incidents, paving stone events and SOS / fall detection. The three-year deployment plan will cover the entire Gunsan facility, which spans more than 10 million square feet.

“To be the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty steels, we must continue to make our business safety the number one priority across our organization,” said Jun-Doo Park, CEO and Plant Manager of SeAH Besteel. “We have always been at the forefront of the use of advanced technology in our business. The expansion of the Sentri360 platform within our facilities allows us to continue to operate at the highest level of safety and efficiency. “

The movement of heavy steel products together with the interaction of workers, operators and complex equipment amounts to making steelworks an industrial environment with acute safety concerns. Traditionally, the steel industry, like all others, has been limited to a reactive approach to safety, using lag indicators to develop new protocols or take corrective action. But advanced technologies like AI, CV and sensor fusion allow leading companies like SeAH to proactively eliminate injuries and accidents before they happen, alerting workers while collecting data for coaching purposes.

For example, Everguard’s Sentri360 platform ensures that PPE is worn appropriately and provides proactive alerts to workers via wearable devices when PPE is not in use. Another critical safety behavior that can be proactively managed by the system involves virtual fence capabilities that alert an employee who is venturing through a digital barrier surrounding moving or operating equipment. Additionally, in environments such as steel mills where line of sight is often disrupted, portable devices activated by the SOS button and autonomous fall detection allow other workers to call for help, providing their locations. in the event of an accident or fall.

The installation of SeAH in Gunsan will deploy version 2.0 of the Sentri360 platform and ecosystem in the coming months. This version includes features that focus on the movement of loads and heavy products, in particular crane-to-crane collision avoidance systems and crane-worker collision avoidance systems. Specific to the steel industry, stone detection will also be added to identify and minimize the once unpredictable nature of stone events. Paving in the steel industry is a hazardous event where high temperature steel deviates from its path or mold, forcing the hot steel in the air or on the ground in uncontrollable movements that are dangerous to humans. and equipment.

“We see proactive prevention happening on a daily basis with Sentri360,” said a SeAH Besteel employee. “I am delighted that we continue to take all necessary measures to improve our safety program and keep our team members safe, while avoiding costly line stops.

Everguard Sentri360 is the only platform and interface industrial environments need to create and manage a proactive safety and productivity program. The technology-independent platform collects inputs from disparate industrial sensor technologies, allowing them to interact in ways that are not possible independently. Millions of sensor data are fed into on-board computers for AI analysis and processing in the same way humans process information gathered by their senses. Sentri360 doesn’t just work sensor technologies together; it makes them work more intelligent together.

The platform’s cloud-based management portal makes workforce and security analytics available in real time so security professionals can start building a workplace centric. the worker. Preventing accidents and incidents strongly depends on a safety culture that begins with the positive encouragement of worker behaviors and attitudes. The coaching module included in the Sentri360 portal enables this systematic approach to safety compliance, leading to positive behavior change in workers.

“We appreciate SeAH’s confidence in our technology,” said Sandeep Pandya, CEO of Everguard. “After a year of deployment at the SeAH Besteel facility, they have witnessed what Sentri360 can achieve when combined with a strong safety culture that values ​​data and continuous training. We are excited to expand our platform within their facilities to help SeAH not only be a leader in specialty steels, but a leader in safety. ”

About SeAH Besteel

SeAH Besteel, Korea’s leading manufacturer of special steels, produces high quality special steels thanks to its optimized automatic system. SeAH Besteel is the market leader with its competitive product quality and world-class production capacity to manufacture steel of 2.1 million tons per year. SeAH Besteel is positioned as a company specializing in special steels by actively promoting R&D.

SeAH Besteel produces special steel which forms the basic components of the automotive, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, construction and energy industries. The company is recognized for its quality products and technology, and has a 50% market share in Korea. SeAH Besteel is one of the leading suppliers of the highest quality steel products designed for operational reliability in various industries.


Everguard’s mission is to protect companies’ most important assets – their employees – with the first truly proactive solution dedicated to industrial security. Their industrial health and safety platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor fusion driven by technologies that include advanced computing, computer vision (CV), real-time tracking system (RTLS), portable devices and more. Everguard Sentri360® The solution provides proactive interventions to prevent and avoid industrial accidents and the billions of costs and lost-time incidents that they entail.



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