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Recently launched Singaporean solution provider Bio Scaling announced the opening of two precision fermentation facilities dedicated to global food tech startups.

According to ScaleUp, there are few foodquality laboratory facilities available, most serving the pharmaceutical or biofuel industries. Since opening a pilot plant is financially out of reach for many startups, facilities like ScaleUp could provide a solution.

About Facilities

The first facility is a laboratory developed in collaboration with Singapore Agency for Science, Technology and Research. It will support up to 100 liters of fermentation and processing capacity, with testing and optimization capabilities. The facility will be located in central Singapore at Nurasa’s Food Tech Innovation Centre.

The second facility will provide access to a huge fermentation capacity of 10,000 liters and 2,300 square meters of space. Lituated at LOGOS Food21 in western Singapore, it will also serve as ScaleUp’s headquarters.

Image courtesy of ADM

Develop innovation

ScaleUp Bio was founded earlier this year by Archer-Daniels-Midland in collaboration with Asia Sustainable Foods Platform. In addition to physical lab space, the company will provide startups with business opportunities, including access to industry experts, partner organizations, and resources from ScaleUp’s parent companies.

“Whether you are a homeinnovator grown here in Singapore or from all over Asia or a food technician business from anywhere in the world we want to hear from you,” said Francisco Codoñer, CEO of ScaleUp Bio. “With our new facilities, access to Highlevel talent, Resources, and capital, we offer a great platform for young companies looking for to propel their products globally and achieve success.

Both facilities will launch in 2023 and will be open to startups worldwide.


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