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Date published: June 17, 2022

Pioneering social enterprise, The Growth Company, has been accredited with the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, a prestigious accolade recognizing that it places the interests of people and the planet above financial gain.

A UK-wide not-for-profit economic development agency, The Growth Company seeks to generate inclusive growth in the country’s economy by creating jobs and improving lives. It provides individuals and businesses with a wide range of services that improve employment, skills, investment and enterprise for the benefit of all.

In August 2021, The Growth Company was accredited as a social enterprise through the Social Enterprise Mark. To earn the additional gold mark, he had to submit a series of evidence outlining how he met the criteria, including independently conducted interviews with board members and responses to a staff survey.

The Gold Mark is recognition that The Growth Company meets the highest standards of a social enterprise and can demonstrate best practices in the areas of governance, stakeholder engagement, business ethics, financial transparency and social impact.

Mark Hughes, CEO of The Growth Company, said: “I am incredibly proud of the work The Growth Company does on behalf of the businesses and communities we support, and it’s a testament to the people who work with us that we have now been accredited. independently with the Social Enterprise Gold Mark.

“Achieving this high mark of excellence reinforces the impact we have in supporting people and going the extra mile when it comes to helping people find work, grow their small businesses and develop new ones. skills and expertise.

“It means a lot to receive this prestigious accreditation which shows that we demonstrate best practice in several key business areas that are at the heart of social enterprise excellence.

“This award recognizes that we are guided by our values ​​and that we make a positive difference to the people we work with and the world we live in.”

The evaluator acknowledged that The Growth Company was an organization that “practices what it preaches”. The report added: “Equality, diversity and inclusion are central goals that run through service delivery and they represent part of who [The Growth Company] are as an organization”.

Lucy Findlay MBE, Managing Director of the Social Enterprise Mark CIC, added: “We are delighted that The Growth Company, our first group to apply for and receive the Social Enterprise Gold Mark, has proven its excellence in social enterprise.

“We were particularly impressed with the consistency of the company’s core values ​​and ethics across the various activities at all levels.

“There is real consistency and understanding of how everyone is playing their part to achieve a better world. A true model of how social enterprise can scale successfully without losing its identity and purpose.”

Plans in the works for The Growth Company over the next few weeks include the launch of a new Green Skills Academy which will provide Level 2 and Level 3 training for those working in areas such as renovation, renewable and domestic energy, electric vehicles, wind turbines technology, etc. The academy is expected to launch in the summer of 2022.

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