Renowned Valleys company starts up in 2022 with significant team growth


Penderyn Antiques has announced significant new hires for the start of 2022. The renowned Valleys company, which serves clients across the UK, has grown from two to nine team members since its inception, bringing roles highly anticipated professionals in the region.

New hires include a sales manager and in-house photographer to ensure that more and more antique furniture can be added to their e-commerce website every week, to meet growing customer demand.

Founded by a team of father-in-law and son-in-law (Leigh Rossiter and Daniel Bryan) in 2015, originally started as a furniture company, the company has restored its Pink Chapel headquarters to make it a beautiful base for the trade in its antique furniture. The iconic building was visited by people from across the UK and beyond until the start of the pandemic in March 2020, which in turn accelerated the expected growth of Penderyn Antiques’ online operations.

The nine-person team now covers warehouse operations at multiple locations, providing the Chapel Showroom, a Marketing and Purchasing team leader to fulfill orders from customers across the UK .

The impact of Brexit and the pandemic has posed challenges for the provision of new furniture, leading to more people discovering the possibilities of antiques. The company also has key sustainability credentials, helping customers love and appreciate existing pieces rather than relying on new ones.

Affordable prices, with a dresser starting at £ 295 for example, means that the growth of Penderyn Antiques’ business has attracted new audiences, overturning traditional perceptions of antiques and dealers. Since 2017, the company has posted an impressive average annual growth rate of 87%.

Asked about the company’s latest growth and recent hires, Daniel Bryan said:

“Our priority has always been to bring love and life to our region. We grew up here and care about it so much. We were desperate not to see yet another Valleys Chapel collapse and are so proud of the opportunities our pink HQ has since created. The growth of our business continues to provide much needed jobs for the region – something a little different from what would traditionally be viewed by local school leavers. We have ambitious plans for 2022 and are excited to bring them to fruition with our ever-evolving team. “


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