Reed gets a spot on the Park City School Board


PARK CITY, Utah — The June 28 county primary election results have been released.

Meredith M. Reed won the majority of votes by defeating Jeremy Ranch Elementary School PTO President Mandy Pomeroy.

A total of 1,483 votes were cast for the three candidates vying for Park City’s fourth school board seat, with Reed getting 519.

“I’ve been involved in local politics for a while now and when this opportunity presented itself, it really seemed like we needed the right people to step up and bring new leadership to this process,” Reed said.

Reed’s top priority for the Park City School Board is to bring more transparency and accountability to the board.

“I feel like there are a lot of people in our community asking questions that aren’t being answered. People want to know how decisions are made… I’d really like to shed some light on what’s going on in that process,” Reed explained.

She hopes the local community can be part of the decision-making processes that the Park City School Board goes through, saying, “When we don’t see any of these conversations happening, any of these decisions being made public, that concerns me deeply. ”

Reed thinks spending and administration positions need to be reviewed. She wants these conversations to be community-based.

In March 2022, the Park City School District was charged with three counts of failing to report cases of child sexual abuse to official authorities.

Reed discusses the best steps to take to move forward with this issue.

“There has been no accountability on the part of this district…Our school administration was showing systematic failure and that bothers me deeply. I think it’s a community effort… Getting other organizations involved, getting parents involved, having an open discussion about what we need to do to make sure our kids are safe and everyone involved in the school district …understand how we are going to do this and what their responsibilities are,” Reed explained.

She explains that the results of the primary as a whole really demonstrate that the community is not happy with the status quo of this council.

Olivia Gunnerson secured fifth place on the South Summit Board of Education, receiving more than half the vote.


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