Purves & Associates celebrates its 50th anniversary


For the past 50 years, Purves & Associates Insurance Agency has served the Davis and Sacramento areas. Come rain or shine – or a global pandemic – this company remains steadfast on a foundation of honesty that has proven to be the key to success as it celebrates its golden anniversary.

It all started in 1972 when George Purves started working at Brinley’s Real Estate and Insurance here in Davis. Owner John Brinley has taken Purves under his wing and has been something of a business mentor over the years. Eventually, Brinley sold the insurance portion of his business to George – while lending him the money to do so – and Brinley’s protege never looked back.

After a series of associations over the years, George and his son Scott branched out to re-establish Davis’s Purves & Associates insurance agency in their hometown in 2001. George died in 2019, but his character remains ingrained in the company’s ethos and resonates loudly in its customer service.

“My dad had a reputation as the ‘honest guy’ in town. And he had a clipping from one of Bob Dunning’s articles in the 80s that talked about different companies and personalities in town. It had a little phrase that said, “So there’s George Purves, who’s the town’s honest insurer.” Dad had it on our fridge for years. It’s who he was, and for others to recognize that it really meant a lot to him,” Scott Purves explained.

The Purves family celebrates a ppen house that George Purves and Roger Gambetese held when they opened the company’s current offices on Fourth and D streets in 1982. Scott, Chris and Amy are all pictured as children. Courtesy picture

“The thing he taught us when we got into the business was that when customers come to our offices, nobody wants to pay for insurance. My father used to say, ‘when you leave the grocery store, you leave with groceries. When you go to the tire store and you leave with tires. When you walk out of our office, the only thing you have is a promise that if anything goes wrong, we’ll take care of you. So what really matters is our integrity.

Of course, quality of service and price are as important as honesty and integrity. After 50 years of service, it’s safe to say that this family business has enjoyed generational success in finding the right coverage for its customers at the right price.

“We are different from many insurance agencies. The best way to figure this out is if you know the big names like State Farm and Allstate, and if you call State Farm, that agent has a franchise and they’ll give you a State Farm quote and policy. We are an independent insurance agency or broker. Our agency name is Purves because it’s our family and we own the business and we have contracts with many companies,” Purves said.

“So we can give someone a home/auto claim quote with Safeco, Nationwide or Travelers and we have many other companies as well. We are looking for coverage and looking to all these other carriers to find the best program for our customers. »

However, Scott is not alone in the trenches. Her brother, Chris, covers commercial insurance risks and their sister Amy – although technically a receptionist – is the self-proclaimed ‘agency queen’. A title no brother can dispute, but regardless of the titles, all of these Davis natives sport DHS blue devil horns above their heads.

“We are all blue devils! In fact, my four children and Amy’s two children graduated from Davis High. So my five siblings all graduated from Davis High, and my parents’ six grandchildren also graduated there. We love Davis, this place is our home,” Purves said before talking about his favorite part of being open in his hometown.

“Every year the Blue Devil’s homecoming parade passes our office. It’s not just the fact that we and our kids went to DHS, it’s just this amazing local feel. Davis is a unique little town. I have a real nostalgia for it because it reminds us of what people think of small towns. You know each other and live in the same community and people are so involved. Between the business and personal life of city life, you really get a homey feel for all your neighbors and local businesses. It’s quite magical.

To get the full range of Purves & Associates offerings that have been around for 50 years, visit their office at 500 Fourth St., online at purvisinsurance.com or call them at 530-756-5561.

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