Opinions on the Exodus effect (scam or legit?) The real truth of customers exposed!


Historical and religious books document ancient remedies for longevity and good health. Various researches show that the human lifespan decreases over time. Likewise, there has been an increase in diseases that perhaps did not exist a few centuries ago.

Professionals in a variety of fields blame pollution, stress, chemicals, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy food choices for causing health problems. In the past, communities depended on natural herbs, plants, minerals and vitamins to strengthen their defense system and fight infections.

The Bible is one of the oldest religious books. It has been translated into hundreds of languages. However, the translation supposedly led to some words having different meanings. The Exodus Effect is a Bible-based wellness program featuring God-approved ingredients lost in translation.

About the product: What is the Exodus effect?

Anointing oil is a common ingredient in most religious ceremonies. The Exodus Effect is a religion-based anointing oil containing natural and scientific ingredients to decrease pain, improve immunity and strengthen faith.

The Exodus Effect is a systematic guide for Christians and non-Christians to create their healing oil using natural ingredients. It is 100% stimulant-free and non-addictive. The active ingredients are linked to longevity and well-being.

The creators of Per Exodus Effect, notable biblical figures such as Methuselah, Adam and Ibrahim, among others, are said to have used the anointing oil daily. However, translation of the Bible into different languages ​​has led to the loss of the “key” ingredient of anointing oil.

Pastor Andrew and Dr. Benet, both of Divine Origins LLC, say multiple scientific and biblical evidence proves that CBD oil can improve physical, mental, and spiritual health. According to the developers, Kaneh-Bosem originally referred to the cannabis plant. However, a mistranslation of the Bible gave it a new meaning, “Calamus”, which refers to an herb with minimal health benefits.

Exodus 30:22 supposedly lists the benefits of the original anointing oil created by God. The cannabis plant in the Bible created a health-enhancing anointing oil that can:

  • Decrease chronic pain in muscles, joints and body

  • Boost immunity

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Promotes digestion

  • Strengthen faith in God

  • Fight sleep problems

Yet, the creators of Exodus Effect claim that Biblical Cannabis does not contain any THC element and does not give users any side effects.

How does the Exodus effect work?

Pastor Andrew warns that most Christians may disagree with the use of the cannabis plant for medicinal purposes. Today, marijuana is associated with mental problems and unpleasant side effects with long-term use.

The Exodus Effect includes pure CBD oil from high quality hemp. In combination with other natural extracts, the Exodus Effect absorbs quickly into the system to provide users with significant health benefits. The guide provides information on how to locally brew THC-free CBD.

Dr. Benet explains that the Exodus effect enhances and strengthens the endocannabinoid system. It improves various processes including digestion, circulation and respiration. It also targets pain and quickly erases it from the root. Likewise, CBD can inhibit the overproduction of cortisol, allowing the body to naturally manage anxiety. Additionally, it reduces stress levels and minimizes oxidative damage at the cellular level. It can boost immunity and reduce unhealthy inflammations.

Key Ingredients of the Exodus Effect

The creators of the Exodus Effect claim that you can replicate the original Bible-based anointing oil using cinnamon, cannabis, myrrh, cassia, and olive oil. The step-by-step guide is supposed to explain how anyone can create THC-free CBD oil from the comfort of their home. However, the dosage must be potent and fresh to provide consumers with the advertised health benefits.


The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) depends on natural cannabinoid molecules to function optimally. According to various types of research, toxicity, an unhealthy diet, and the use of certain chemicals can reduce cannabinoid levels, thereby weakening the ECS. Cannabis includes CBD elements that provide the body with cannabinoids, thereby enhancing its functions.

Dr. Benet explains that CBD oil can relieve pain, especially in the muscles, back, and joints. In certain doses, it can combat chronic headaches and migraines. Additionally, CBD Lumberjack Oil is a crucial ingredient in managing symptoms of stress. Considerable evidence shows that it can promote relaxation and relieve anxiety. The makers of Exodus Effect claim that it can fight insomnia and help users improve their sleep quality.


Myrrh is one of the most widely used biblical herbs and a common ingredient in anointing oils. The makers of Exodus Effect claim that the herb can treat indigestion, leprosy, arthritis, and gout, among other common ailments. According to science, myrrh is a powerful antioxidant that can improve cellular health and fortify the disease-fighting system. Likewise, myrrh can reduce the risk of various health problems, including heart problems and diabetes.


Cassia is a plant extract that can boost muscle health and improve blood circulation. Researchers say it can benefit blood vessels and minimize the risk of developing hypertension. Plus, it can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and fat storage around the arteries.

Some studies indicate that cassia can help stabilize blood sugar. It allegedly reduces insulin resistance and may increase fat metabolism.


Most households use cinnamon to add flavor to their foods. The fragrant ingredient is a detoxifying agent that can reduce toxin levels in the blood. In addition, it can fight free radicals helping cell regeneration.

Multiple evidence shows that cinnamon can promote weight loss and boost energy levels. It can increase breathing rate, improve digestion and reduce appetite.

The benefits of the Exodus effect

  • Anointing oil can fight chronic inflammation and pain

  • Exodus Effect Ingredients May Enhance Immune Response

  • It can reduce the risk of developing various health problems

  • Anointing Oil May Promote Weight Loss

  • It can increase the energy levels of

  • It can improve physical and mental performance

  • The product can strengthen his Christian faith

  • He can supposedly open the doors of divine blessings

  • A satisfaction guarantee protects every purchase

  • Key ingredients are meant to be natural, scientific and based on history

Exodus Effect FAQ

Q: Who can use the Exodus Effect recipe?

A: The Exodus Effect is designed for any adult who wishes to amplify their physical, mental and spiritual health using natural and biblical ingredients.

Q: What happens if the Exodus effect doesn’t work?

A: The developer offers a money back guarantee on every purchase. If the Exodus Effect does not work as advertised, customers can contact the manufacturers and request a refund within the given time period (365 days).

Q: Does the company provide shipping?

A: The Exodus Effect plus the three bonuses are digital products that become available to the customer immediately upon purchase.

Q: How long should I use Exodus Effect Anointing Oil?

A: Manufacturers recommend using the Exodus effect for 3-6 months

Price and availability

The Exodus effect is only available on the official website. Customers receive the digital guide (in pdf format) as well as the three bonuses immediately after making payment.

Exodus effect bonuses include:

  • The Lazarus Effect

  • The hidden prayers

Additionally, customers have access to the Prayer Warrior Network, an online community that prays and strengthens everyone’s faith.

Refund Policy

The Exodus Effect offers a 365 day satisfaction guarantee. Dr. Benet and Pastor Andrew claim that following the recipe exactly can provide spiritual, mental and physical health benefits. Some customers may have positive responses after using the Exodus effect for a few days.

About Divine Origins, LLC

Divine Origins LLC is a Miami-based company and publisher of various spiritual and healing books. According to the official website, the company was started by “men and women of faith” with a strong belief in the “healing power” of God.

Last word

The Exodus Effect is a pdf guide featuring Bible-based ingredients that can improve physical, spiritual, and mental health. Exodus Effect Anointing Oil can remove unhealthy inflammation, reduce pain, boost immunity and improve overall well-being.


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