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The information appeared in Tuesday’s LNP: “The United States will organize a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing to protest China’s human rights violations,” the White House confirmed on Monday.

What an irony! Current and past administrations appear keen to take action against countries whose human rights records do not meet our standards.

But there is one nation whose human rights violations have gone largely unnoticed and undisputed for years by these same administrations and the media: Israel.

Since 1967, Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank have suffered systematic abuses by the State of Israel, including the confiscation of land for illegal settlements; destruction of sources of income; arrest and imprisonment without charge; murder of innocent children; periodic mass destruction of housing and infrastructure (in Gaza); and constant and humiliating daily living conditions.

Against South Africa’s apartheid regime, most Americans supported the successful boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. However, when a similar movement against the government of Israel started years ago, no administration or Congress in the United States supported it.

In fact, since then 35 US states have essentially acted to prohibit anyone supporting the boycott / divestment / sanction against Israel from doing business with the state.

As the author of the December 5 letter “The Jews Have Reason to Be Concerned Here” put it so eloquently: “No one should be silent whenever people anywhere endure. suffering and humiliation. There is good and bad. No one should be silent.

Shouldn’t this also apply to the Palestinians?

Charles B. Lane

Township of Lancaster


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