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DELMAR – Bethlehem City Council must decide on disciplinary action to be taken against its motorway director following an apparent breach of ethics.

In October, the city’s ethics board reviewed an ethics complaint filed against Highway Superintendent Marc Dorsey regarding excess dirt he had delivered to his residence by Hodorowski Homes, LLC without payment.

In an October 12 letter, members of the ethics committee said Dorsey had violated the city’s code of ethics. He also recommended that the city council order the road czar to cease and desist from receiving more from the contractor or other entities doing business “in or with the city”.

City council can now adopt this recommendation or choose to do something else. This decision is expected at its next meeting on Wednesday, December 8.

Dorsey explained to the ethics committee that he had received a clean fill on his land and that he had a permit to do so for the past five years. He said the infill is “worthless” otherwise it would be sold on the open market.

Dorsey called the claim a “successful political job.” The ethics committee first deliberated on the complaint on October 7, a month after polling day. The first-term superintendent of highways was running for re-election this year. He won the election last month over his challenger and former highway superintendent John “Tiger” Anastasi.

“If this was a real issue, it would have come up when I was first elected in 2019,” Dorsey said in a statement to The Spotlight in October. “Instead, it’s used as a political coup two weeks before an election.”


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