New Criminal Investigation Perspective For Boris Johnson After Jennifer Arcuri Agrees To Help Ethics Watchdog | Boris Johnson


A new investigation has been opened into Boris Johnson’s relationship with Jennifer Arcuri after the American businesswoman dramatically agreed to help those responsible, paving the way for a possible criminal investigation by the Prime Minister.

Arcuri has officially offered to help the Greater London Authority (GLA) ethics watchdog by allowing him to inspect extracts from his diary recounting his affair with Johnson and agreeing to be interviewed for the first time. times by relationship investigators.

The extracts from the newspaper of the time, disclosed in the Observer last week by reporter John Ware, reveal how Johnson allegedly rescinded staff advice to promote Arcuri’s business interests and gain his affection.

Arcuri’s decision to cooperate with the GLA watchdog reopens the possibility of Johnson being investigated for a potential criminal offense of misconduct in the performance of public office.

In a previous investigation into Johnson’s business relationship with Arcuri, then 27, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) did not have access to handwritten entries in Arcuri’s diary in which she was taking “text” notes of highlights from her phone. calls and their conversations.

The police watchdog ultimately concluded that he would not launch a criminal investigation into whether Johnson had abused his post as mayor of London to ‘benefit and reward’ Arcuri. Investigators also never interviewed Arcuri or received testimony from the tech entrepreneur.

His testimony is potentially even more critical, as the IOPC’s initial investigation was also hampered by the deletion of key telephone and electronic records at Town Hall, which prevented the watchdog from “examining the relevant evidence ”.

The latest developments regarding allegations that Johnson has offered to help Arcuri launch his tech company while suing her for sex will increase pressure on the PM, raising new questions about his integrity and his lax approach to politics. probity in public life after weeks of sordid allegations. swallowed up his party.

After the Observer Last week revealed some of Arcuri’s explosive diary entries, Deputy Labor chief Angela Rayner wrote to GLA watchdog Emma Strain, urging her to return the news urgently evidence to the IOPC to “review” its decision to conduct a criminal investigation.

Strain, in turn, contacted the Observer for help obtaining Arcuri’s diaries so that she could assess whether this was a “serious complaint” that appeared to constitute or involve the commission of a criminal offense.

If Strain deems the issue to be serious, she will formally refer the matter back to the IOPC to decide whether he will investigate Johnson for the criminal misconduct offense in public office.

After several days of wondering if she wanted to help the GLA, Arcuri finally agreed and on Friday at 7 p.m., emailed Strain, head of its ethics watchdog.

“I am ready to show you or your investigators copies of the relevant pages,” Arcuri wrote. “However, I currently reside in the United States, so that would mean that you or them [the IOPC] travel here for this purpose. In that case, I would be ready to be interviewed as well, if that helps.

If that is not possible, Arcuri has allowed veteran journalist Ware, to whom she has “entrusted” her diaries, to show investigators relevant pages detailing her business dealings with Johnson.

Arcuri handed the first installment of his diaries to Ware after the 2019 general election and following his ITV documentary in which he accused the PM of having a ‘tenuous relationship with the truth’ after repeated insistence de Johnson on the fact that “absolutely everything has been done for convenience. Regarding his relationship with Arcuri. Ware received a second installment of material from Arcuri in May 2020. Ware approached Arcuri after Johnson’s recent comments on public probity and she agreed to allow some of his diary excerpts to be published. Arcuri diary entry reveals how Johnson offered to be his ‘accelerator’ in a bid to speed up his business career, allegations that could reopen the possibility of Johnson being the subject of a criminal investigation into the allegations misconduct.

It reminded him of how Johnson had said to him, “How can I be the push – the throttle – your single step as you make your career?” Tell me: how can I help you? “

Diary entries also suggest that Johnson broke rules governing ethical conduct in public service in his dealings with Arcuri.

Responding to Arcuri’s revelations last week, a government spokesperson said: “As mayor, Boris Johnson has complied with all legal requirements of the Greater London Assembly. [sic] code of conduct at the time. “


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