Nearly 3 in 5 Americans say they are concerned about the safety of loved ones in hospitals and medical facilities


With the recent increase in workplace violence in healthcare, 88% of Americans think hospitals and medical facilities should feel as safe as airports

LOUISVILLE, Colo., April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to a new consumer survey from Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)nearly three in five Americans (60%) say they are concerned about the safety and security of their loved ones in a hospital or medical facility (defined as “safety from physical harm, injury, or danger caused by a person” ). With incidents of workplace violence in healthcare rising across the country, the survey further reveals that about 70% of Americans believe that if nurses felt safer they might not leave the profession in large numbers and 88% say People in a hospital or medical facility should also feel safe there. as they do in airports and/or on planes.

“These results clearly show that Americans are rightly concerned about workplace violence in health care,” said Chrystie Leonard, Managing Director, GHX Vendormate. “We know that violence is a contributing factor to nurses leaving the profession and increasing levels of burnout, which ultimately has a negative effect on patient care. More than ever, it is vital for hospital management to create a safer and more secure environment for staff, patients and visitors and to support policies that take a zero tolerance approach to workplace violence.”

Additional key points

  • 58% of Americans fear nurses and other clinicians could be harmed while on hospital property
  • 66% of Americans agree nurses and other front-line healthcare workers are more likely than those in other professions to experience workplace violence and 69% agree safety is a cause why nurses are leaving the profession in large numbers
  • More than half of Americans (57%) claim that the burnout of recent years contributes to the shortage of workers in the health sector
  • Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (88%) believe that tracking every visitor to the hospital is critical to safety
  • 82% of Americans believe more state/federal action should be taken to keep healthcare workers safe
  • 3 out of 4 Americans (75%) say hospitals have an opportunity to improve the safety and security of their facilities
  • 63% of Americans fear that an unauthorized person is walking through the corridors of a hospital and two out of five Americans (40%), or more than 100 million people, do not feel safe entering a hospital and/or medical facility today

Survey methodology
This online survey was conducted by Regina Corso Consulting on behalf of GHX in March 2022. The survey collected responses from 2,063 American adults, ages 18 and older, and is balanced to be representative of the United States collectively based on 2020 census data.

For more information on how managing visitor facility access can be a tool to help increase facility security, read our recent Healthcare Hub blog: Additionally, GHX will host its annual Summit in May where there will be two sessions focusing on workplace violence. You can learn more about these sessions and register to attend here:

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