Nayms Digital Asset Risk Insurance Briefing


Members of Bermuda’s digital assets, insurance and reinsurance industries “got a glimpse of a new blockchain-based market solution to insure digital asset risk” over a breakfast in information to Nayms organized in collaboration with Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited.

A spokesperson said: “Regulated Bermuda startup Nayms is leading the way in providing a new market for digital asset risk with its insurance-related smart contract platform that enables brokers and regulated underwriters to find digital asset capital providers to share the premium and liability incurred. to hedge the risk of digital assets.

“The event, held earlier this week at Carey Olsen’s Hamilton office, saw delegates hear from Nayms CEO Dan Roberts and Breach Insurance CEO Eyhab Aejaz.

Breach, a Boston-based insurtech startup, made headlines with Nayms earlier this year when it announced it was setting up a crypto-denominated cyber insurance policy with CoinList, a platform. form of full-service token sale and crypto trading.The policy, issued in partnership with Nayms, covers the risks of electronic theft and phishing, with guarantees denominated in Bitcoin using open source software supported load by MakerDAO.

Carey Olsen’s Bermuda partner Steven Rees Davies said the purpose of the event is to create a forum for technical and regulatory collaboration by bringing together experts from the resident digital asset industry and the insurance industries. and well-established Bermuda reinsurance. “

Mr Davies said: “It is important that participants from the digital asset industry and the insurance and reinsurance industries connect and collaborate to develop innovative and achievable solutions to the insurance needs of the digital asset industry. , while also developing new and innovative ways of which insurance and reinsurance can be negotiated, marketed and managed.

“The ability to help Nayms and Breach connect through our offices in central Hamilton was a simple way for us to contribute to this collaborative effort”

Dan Roberts of Nayms said: “Thank you to Carey Olsen and the industry on the island for hosting not only myself but also 7 other people from the Nayms team. We have enjoyed the connection with our partners, service providers, regulators and the market as we look forward to significant growth throughout 2022 and some exciting announcements after nearly 3 years of hard work. Watch this place. “

The spokesperson said: “Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Bermuda and approved and recognized by the Bermuda Bar. [Professional Companies] Rules 2009. The use of the title “Partner” is simply to designate seniority. Services are provided on the basis of our current business terms, which can be viewed at

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