Moviebook wins the “T-EDGE Innovative Tech-Company Award 2021”


BEIJING, December 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Moviebook (“the Company”), a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, recently announced that it has won the T-EDGE Innovative Tech-Company Award 2021 for its achievements in technological innovation and industrial digital transformation. at the T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference & Awards 2021, jointly sponsored by TMTPost and China Media and Innovation Park in Beijing.

Pioneers and industry leaders from home and abroad were invited to the conference to examine changes in the industry and project themselves into the future. James Beeland Rogers Jr., co-founder of Quantum Fund, John L. Hennessy, winner of the Turing Prize and chairman of the board of directors of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, as well as like many other prominent entrepreneurs, experts, academics and officials attended the conference.

The T-EDGE 2021 Global Innovation Awards are regarded as China’s weather vane of global innovation trends, based on more than ten evaluation dimensions, such as endogenous innovation, impact of brand, business model maturity, product value, market space and digitization, delivered by a professional panel of experts, senior analysts, investment institutions and user representatives. The T-EDGE Innovative Tech-Company of the Year Award is one of the most valuable among all and is awarded to Chinese technology companies with endogenous innovation and market prospects.

Turing Prize Winner and Chairman of the Alphabet Board of Directors, John L. Hennessy, shared his view that AI will reshape how society works in the future, commenting: “More AI applications in the information and technology sectors will arise during over the next two decades. We will see more applications of AI, machine learning and others across industries with huge opportunities emerging in finance, healthcare, society, business and other industries. “

Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, has valued innovation and technological applications since its inception. Relying on technological advantages in many fields, including artificial intelligence, computer vision, video structuring, deep learning and intelligent computing, Moviebook has developed its three engines namely – Automatic Content Marketing (ACM), Automatic Generated Content (AGC) and Automatic Digital Twin (ADT). ) – to serve as an important technological infrastructure of the digital economy. Based on single-core technology, the company has achieved a breakthrough in the application threshold and achieved basic technological convergence along the innovation value chain. A systematic learning approach has been established on the basis of industrial recognition.

With its three engines, Moviebook provides unique intelligent video production solutions covering four main scenarios, namely intelligent culture and entertainment, intelligent media, intelligent education and digital commerce, enabling intelligent and digital industrial transformation. The company enables cross-sector retailers and manufacturers of goods in digital commerce through digital and intelligent upgrade, leading to a better advanced production application environment and dramatically improved operational efficiency. The company provides digital technology services including digital AI application, virtual reality scenarios, etc., in partnership with power providers and grid owners, enabling full factor digitization and intelligent management of the entire process from construction to operation to customer service using digital twin technology.

Moviebook’s ADT is also playing an increasingly important role in smart cities. Relying on core technological advantages in the fields of digital twin, digital transformation, among others, the company provides structural analysis under the digital twin system, a smart platform for digital cities and others technology services for China Telecom, supporting intelligent smart city platforms and ensuring efficiency and stable urban operations.

About Moviebook

Moviebook, a leading provider of AI-powered intelligent video production infrastructure and services, aims to strengthen the monetization capacity of new retail, media, education and culture customers through intelligent vision. Building on technological advantages in the fields of computer vision, computer graphics, among others, Moviebook dramatically improves the efficiency of the production of visual content and innovates in the ways of presenting and interacting with this content. . By applying AI technologies to videos, Moviebook pioneers a wide variety of application scenarios for intelligent video production technologies.

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