Member Spotlight – Alamo Pecan and Coffee located at 601 E


Alamo Pecan and Coffee located at 601 E. Wallace Street in San Saba opened in 1998. Business partners Dora Miller and Bob and Martha Leigh Whitten said, “Alamo Pecan is a unique whole-food coffee shop featuring Texas Pecan coffee (beans roasted coffee beans with real pecans – no artificial flavours). We have giveaways, pecan baskets, as well as web-based mail order, and we entertain corporate gifts. Our presentation sets us apart from others. Customizing the product to specific customer preferences gives us a selling advantage and increases appeal – whether it’s personalized gift messages, signature ribbon, color decor or the adding a logo to the artwork – we go the extra mile to meet the criteria and impress the client.

When asked why they chose their line of work, Alamo Pecan and Coffee said, “It made sense because we are the pecan capital of the world. Dora had over 19 years of experience in the pecan industry, and the partnership was formed to offer excellent, beautifully hand-wrapped products, and creative gift baskets/boxes, etc. The coffee bar came later when we discovered that if we were selling coffee beans – why not brew them, froth them, ice them or smack them! It was a win-win opportunity. So, as we built the business and in our comedic “real world experiences”, we quickly became the “Lucy and Ethel of the pecan business”. We love this classification – and I assure you that some of the craziest escapades and intrigues have kept us entertained and laughed! Of course, our husbands won the title from Ricky and Fred…. And the partnership blossomed and business grew.

According to Alamo Pecan and Coffee, “When we (Scott and Dora Miller and Bob and Martha Leigh Whitten) started the company, people didn’t know we were family. Scott and Martha Leigh are cousins; also, we were San Saba Dilloettes together. We both have four children and we live on the same street in San Saba. Our mothers were strong Christian women who taught us the importance of family values, all balanced with the belief that doing things right would be rewarded with additional business and success. At times when we’re in the heat of the holiday season and we’re all starting to feel overwhelmed, we remember the strength and discipline of our wonderful mothers, and we know the “show must go on.” And trusting the Higher Power has never failed us all these years. In 2020, we lost Scott, our precious “Mr. Fixit”, and the wonderful memories created while starting this company have become even more special. Our goal is to honor him because he always had love and hope for the prosperity of Alamo. Paul Scott Miller, may you rest in peace and continue to be an inspiration and an ever-present force!

Alamo Pecan and Coffee thinks they have the best holiday work crew, “the Alamo Elves”. According to Dora, “They come to us after working all day, yet they manage to fill orders and take pride in every detail! The great customers we serve and the lifelong relationships we build are also a strength of our business. We meet as associates and become friends.

Ms. Miller also said that “at Alamo Pecan and Coffee, we treat the $20 customer with the same care and work ethic as the $10,000 customer. A customer in our shop, or on the phone, or in an email is a potential sale…. So every sale is important and we let the customer do what they want. The holidays are just around the corner, so order your holiday gifts today at .


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