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On June 11, 2020, the state attorney general’s office ordered the immediate mass evacuation and relocation of 63 elderly patients from the Golden Cross health care facility in northwest Pasadena due to, said a Pasadena city official at the time, “due to lack of patient care, including COVID response. Pasadena currently does not license, regulate, or operate long-term care facilities, which are regulated by state agencies

Mayor Victor Gordo is considering asking the state to grant Pasadena concurrent jurisdiction over the city’s long-term care facilities (LTCFs) to ensure patients receive needed care.

There are over 1,000 people living in 15 retirement homes and over 2,300 people living in nearly 100 assisted living/residential care facilities in Pasadena.

Currently, Pasadena does not license, regulate, or operate long-term care facilities, but they are regulated by state agencies, including the California Department of Public Health, the Community Care Licensing Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Social Services and Health Facilities Inspection Division.

“They are Pasadena residents. We have a moral and legal responsibility [over them]“said Gordo during Tuesday’s Public Safety Committee discussion of the work being done by the interdepartmental group Pasadena Elderly and Dependent Adult Liaisons (PEDAL) to improve the quality of life for older adults and dependent adults residing in facilities. long-term care.

“What I suggest, given the critical mass, given the expectations of residents, given that we want to do what it takes for the residents of Pasadena to keep them safe not just during the pandemic but every day, I think it’s something we’re looking at to see if we can at least on a pilot basis see if we can take on that role with concurrent proficiency,” Gordo added.

Gordo said the city should have the authority to hire staff who will conduct regular inspection of long-term care facilities as well as foster care facilities, as he noted the city has the highest concentration of homes for foster care in LA County.

Gordo said the city is able to provide better services to residents as he noted it has its own health department.

“How many people are alone in some of these establishments and don’t have family or friends to stand up for them?”

“We are getting back to normal and my concern is that getting back to normal for us is a good thing, but getting back to normal for the people who are in these facilities may not be such a good thing because they no longer receive the inspections and pleas they should have received,” Gordo said.

Agreeing with Gordo, council member Tyron Hampton said the city could do more to ensure quality services for LTCF residents.

“Anyway, I support him because they are very vulnerable people who often don’t see many people. They may not have family members coming to visit,” Hampton said.

In August 2021, the city established PEDAL consisting of representatives from the City Manager’s Office, the District Attorney’s Office/City Attorney, Fire, Police, Public Health, Community Planning and Development, long-term care ombudsman and the Huntington Hospital, to take local action. where possible, maintain required standards at these facilities and advocate for better regulation by state and county agencies.

Israel Del Toro, Neighborhood and Business Services Administrator and Co-Chair of PEDAL, said that since its inception, PEDAL has worked to educate patients and their families about their rights and where to go in case of problem or when they need to lodge a complaint.

He has also conducted interagency training programs that include advanced level training for police officers and firefighters to identify red flags for elder abuse.

Since its creation, PEDAL has also created a working group that conducts “unannounced” inspections at problem areas.

“We educate operators, cross-report and take enforcement action wherever possible,” Del Toro said.

Del Toro said Gordo’s recommendation will be added to PEDAKL’s work planning and explored in more detail in the coming days to help develop policies that will improve services provided to LTCFs.

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