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The Non-Governmental Association for Literacy Support Service (NOGALSS) and the National Cooperative Finance Agency of Nigeria (CFAN) said they would use the cooperative to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieve national development.
The Executive Secretary, CFAN, Mr. Emmanuel Atama, made this known on Monday during a workshop for the development and adoption of a one-year action plan by the NOGALSS Multipurpose Cooperative Society in Abuja.
Atama said the cooperative is an autonomous association of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise.
Noting that this was a smart way out of poverty, he said the cooperative NOGALSS, through its parent organization CFAN, intends to achieve financial inclusion for its many members across Nigeria.
He said this will ensure that all NOGALSS members are financially included, which is the gateway to economic empowerment.
“We will ensure that we are able to move towards food sustainability in the country after building the capacity of members to achieve this.
“So we want to use the cooperative instrument to anchor sustainable development, we also want to use the cooperative to achieve the SDGs, that’s what NOGALSS is.
“We are absolutely confident that when we get this work plan and budget in place, with timelines and deliverables, we will do the unimaginable,” he said.
Atama said the group will ensure that all NOGALSS members, regardless of where they work, have unfettered access to finance, healthcare, retirement and housing.
The President of NOGALSS Multipurpose Cooperative Society, Mr. Noah Emmanuel, said the cooperative was a product of the 2018 National Board of Education.
Emmanuel said the council decided that all education stakeholders should think outside the box when it comes to funding education.
“We, as an umbrella body for the relevant NGOs, have formed the NOgalls Multipurpose Cooperative Society. We are in partnership with the CFAN National.
“It allows us, among other things, to access interventions from the federal government, banks and other development partners for all our members, learners and associates.
“Today we are gathered here guided by CFAN to develop and adopt our one-year action plan for strategic planning.
“It allows us to look at how the co-op’s resources can be better targeted and used to meet members’ needs,” Emmanuel said.
The Society’s National Secretary, Ms. Madonna Corosi, commended the members for their hard work and commitment to the cooperative.
Corosi said that “the workshop will serve as a roadmap for a useful and success-oriented journey in the development of the NOGALLS cooperative”.


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