LIFESCALE ANALYTICS INC. (LSA), launches Cyber ​​Asset Platform (CAP)


ROSEVILLE, Minnesota., November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Lifescale Analytics Inc., (LSA), a small, woman-owned company whose data analytics and data science consultants help organizations get the most out of their data by simplifying business challenges and techniques, announced the launch of its Asset Platform (CAP) offering, an invaluable tool for creating and assessing cyber risks in today’s connected IoT infrastructure.

Cyber ​​Asset Platform (CAP) is a dashboard portal specifically designed to consolidate cyber data across multiple sources, enabling cyber asset information visualization, using a top down view of assets across multiple divisions . The ability of this platform to ingest variable data from many sources into a consolidated database is paramount to identifying enterprise-wide risks and vulnerabilities in one place, putting organizations in the best possible position. position to see the macro view of their assets and identify potential gaps.

LSA’s invaluable CAP solution will help businesses, agencies and all organizations reduce risk, resolution times and overall costs by consolidating assets through our creation of a single-source dashboard of their infrastructure from the data center to Edge.

Theo Laughner, Engineering Director of LSA, summarizes: “Companies frequently deploy many tools to assess the risk of their cyber assets. Individually, these tools communicate important details about specific risks. On the other hand, our CAP solution integrates data from ALL existing tools, providing a coherent diagnostic picture of cyber risks and a common understanding of the overall situational awareness of inventories and vulnerabilities. “

About Lifescale Analytics Inc.
Lifescale Analytics, Inc., based at Roseville, Minnesota, provides specialized expertise in data and analysis. Formed in 2012, LSA provides a range of customized data management services and solutions, including enterprise geospatial solutions, data analytics, big data solutions, cloud services and data science, which focus on building strong portfolios and programs. LSA solutions solve the challenges of customers in the biotechnology, large pharma, insurance, finance and government industries. To learn more about Lifescale Analytics, visit

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