Letter: The ethics case is closed | Opinion


I am writing to you in response to The Pilot’s November 14 editorial regarding matters relating to Pinehurst Village Council and its code of ethics.

While the editorial accurately identified the facts associated with these concerns about the code of conduct, it incorrectly suggested that the council intentionally extended related discussions due to the recent election and is yet to complete. its work.

We distributed supporting materials to all board members prior to our October 12 meeting. The Board stood ready to address these concerns at this meeting. However, we have been asked to delay taking action so that affected members can prepare responses.

Further discussions were therefore on the agenda for October 26, and at that meeting one member chose to read a statement and another did not. The council was again ready to close this matter.

So, based on the comments of October 12 and 26, I read the final statements in the record. In summary, the statements indicated that I understood that the consensus of Pinehurst Village Council was that we strongly disapprove of the behavior of the respective council members and we do not expect similar behavior to happen again in the future.

Pinehurst Village Council considers these Code of Ethics matters closed and has moved on to other business responsibilities.

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