Legislature appoints 4 members to Louisiana Ethics Committee


State lawmakers this week chose four people to serve on the Louisiana Ethics Council.

The Senate voted for Camille Bryant, a Shreveport labor attorney, and William Grimley, a retired Baton Rouge personal injury attorney. The House approved two ethics committee members: Robert Warren Grand, a retired business owner from Shreveport; and La Koshia Roberts, a lawyer from Lake Charles.

The four nominees received a unanimous vote from the respective chambers and will serve five-year terms.

Bryant and Grimley were chosen by the Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee from two pools of five candidates each. The presidents of Louisiana’s 10 private universities submitted the nominees to the Legislature for consideration.

The committee interviewed the 10 candidates in an open meeting on February 3 before closing the meeting in an executive session to choose one candidate from each group. The full Senate then confirmed the committee’s recommendations on Monday.

A similar process took place in the Committee on Parliamentary and Governmental Affairs, which interviewed 10 other candidates among university leaders. The House committee finalized its picks on Monday, putting Grand and Roberts to the full house. They were confirmed on Tuesday.

The Ethics Council is an 11-member volunteer group that administers and enforces state laws regarding conflict of interest, campaign finance laws, and lobbyist registration and disclosure requirements. The council can receive complaints from the public, initiate inquiries, lodge complaints against public officials, impose fines and issue opinions and recommendations.

Board members serve staggered terms of three, four or five years. The governor appoints seven members, with at least one from each congressional district. The remaining four appointments are split between the House and the Senate.

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