Last war in Ukraine: more sanctions against Russia to come, warns Blinken


Volodymyr Zelensky said Russian forces are “preparing to shell Odessa”, warning of an attack on Ukraine’s third-largest city as invading forces advance along the southern Black Sea coast.

Ukraine’s president did not elaborate on details or the source of his knowledge of what he said were Russia’s plans.

“They are preparing to bomb Odessa,” the Ukrainian president said in a speech on Sunday. “Russians always came to Odessa, they always felt only warmth in Odessa, only sincerity,” Zelensky said. “What now? Bombs against Odessa? Artillery against Odessa? Missiles against Odessa?

“It will be a war crime. It will be a historic crime.

Defense analysts have speculated that Moscow may be preparing to move on Odessa as President Vladimir Putin’s troops have gained ground in southern Ukraine, capturing Kherson and other towns over the course of last week.

Oleksiy Danilov, Ukraine’s national security chief, said in a Facebook post on Sunday that Russian forces were mainly focused on the south, aiming to block Ukraine’s access to the Black and Azov seas. He said Russian troops hoped to take the capital Kiev and surround Dnipro in eastern Ukraine.

In Kherson, the largest occupied city, videos uploaded on Saturday showed residents gathering in large numbers and directly confronting Russian troops.

Video coverage shot at the scene, verified for authenticity by the Center for Information Resilience, a UK group focused on online research and counter-disinformation work, showed a large crowd appearing to number in the thousands , holding Ukrainian flags, gathered on the main street of Kherson. Liberty Square.


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