Kingsbury wins Royalton Fire District Improvement Project


Vermont Business Magazine Middlesex-based Kingsbury Companies have recently been awarded the Royalton No 1 Fire District Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project in South Royalton.

Work on this project includes the construction of a new 220,700 gallon water storage tank, a new third clarifier/filter treatment unit and outbuildings, upgrades to existing filters, additions to the building, a new generator, mechanical, electrical/instrumentation and other upgrades to existing facilities and site works.

Chairman of the Royalton Prudential Committee, Theron Manning, said: “The Royalton Fire District represents most of the village structures within the boundaries of the village of South Royalton. We are a small community of approximately 200 connections and currently provide services for approximately 470 single family home units, a variety of residential apartments, a K-12 school, a Vermont law school and small businesses in the Royalton Fire District.

“The current filtration plant was built in 1992, 30 years ago, and has served us very well. We have been actively working on a reconstruction project for 4-5 years, knowing that the existing factory no longer meets our current needs and is in desperate need of modernization.

Kingsbury will help Royalton Fire District #1 build this complex project over the summer.

Kingsbury is a general contractor with extensive capabilities ranging from small local site development projects to remediation services, large scale commercial dam reconstruction and everything in between. Kingsbury is a local company that has expanded beyond New England and New York and continues to pioneer the construction industry. At Kingsbury, we pride ourselves on solving unique challenges, developing creative leaders and fostering relationships. Connect with Kingsbury at

[Middlesex, Vermont, May 2022] Kingsbury Businesses


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