Kedem faces buyer’s remorse over Chabad items auctioned

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At least two people who purchased Chabad items from the batch of Shaul Shimon Deutsch had buyer’s remorse, learned. Auction house Kedem has so far refused to refund sales. Full story

By the COLlive journalist

Continued doubts raised about the authenticity of Chabad-related items sold by the Kedem auction house in Jerusalem in recent months have led to buyer’s remorse for at least two people.

Sources close to the two individuals reported that they demanded to return the artifacts they purchased from the rabbi’s lot. Shaul Shimon Deutsch (“Shimmy”), a Boro Park resident who has been embroiled in controversy and legal setbacks.

An investigation by cast serious questions about Deutsch’s reliability and authenticity of the items he was trying to sell through Kedem. The past statements and assertions he has made have turned out to be half-truths and even false.

These two buyers – and possibly others as well – have spent tens of thousands of dollars at previous auctions. They both said they contacted Kedem to demand that they take these items back and refund them.

“I’ve contacted the owners countless times for a refund, and been pushed back,” one told “I consulted with lawyers in Israel to explore my options.”

The man said: ‘As far as I am concerned, these items were sold under false representations, or at best, under very questionable circumstances, of which I was unaware at the time of the sale.’

“If I were the seller, I would definitely refund my client, and I’m disappointed in Kedem’s lack of business ethics and basic mentchlichkeit in this situation.”

A response was requested from Kedem.



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