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KARACHI: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chapter in Karachi held a “women’s convention” in the megacity on Friday, demanding respectable dedicated transport services, lasting peace in the megacity and a solution to the problems of its citizens .

The women’s convention was held in Bag-e-Jinnah. Head of JI Karachi, Engineer Hafiz Naeemur Rehman, Women Leaders of JI Attia Nisar, Asma Safeer and others addressed the convention. A large number of activists, workers, students and housewives attended the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Naeemur Rehman highlighted the plight of working women and other women’s issues. He said tens of thousands of women in Karachi work in factories and offices but are forced to work under the cruel contract system instead of direct permanent jobs. He swore that his party, if elected, would solve his problems.

He urged women to take an active part in his party’s “Karachi Rights Movement” to achieve their rights. He said that unfortunately Karachi-mandated political parties in the past did nothing for women, instead they exploited them by further corrupting the governance system.

He recalled that the city’s former mayor, belonging to the JI, Nematullah Khan had launched a fleet of 362 buses under the public transport program and floated the idea of ​​a “light rail”, but the regimes later not only suspended the transit program, but also removed these buses from the roads.

He said there is virtually no public transport system in the city and working women have no choice but to travel in crowded old buses and rickshaws. He said the government had introduced a green line project which was still partially functional. He said another Sindh government project called Orange Line was also inefficient due to its short length and improper route.

He swore that the JI would bring a better and efficient transportation system to the megalopolis to alleviate the miseries of Karachiites in general and women in particular.

He claimed that 20% of girls in Karachi are deprived of education due to the incompetence of Sindh government. He added that the JI decided to play its part in order to equip the young people with technical skills. He added that in this regard, the JI has organized a test for young male students and another for girls is in preparation under the banner of the Bano Qabil program.

He said the JI has decided to offer information technology courses to one million Karachiites for a period of four years, if it wins the local government elections in Karachi.

He said the JI would not allow leaders to escape local elections. JI’s fight for the rights of Karachiites will continue to a logical conclusion.

JI women’s wing leader Attia Nisar, Rakshinda Muneeb Asma Safeer and others also shed light on women’s issues and said that Shariah guarantees women’s rights.

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