IUPUC Joins Intercollegiate Athletic Association


IUPUC joins the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. The NAIA Council of Presidents has approved IUPUC’s application, along with applications from three other institutions, for membership beginning July 1.

IUPUC will launch its track and field program in the fall with men’s and women’s cross country, followed by baseball and softball next spring. IUPUC says it will add men’s and women’s soccer and golf for the 2023-24 seasons.

“As the landscape of college athletics continues to change, we are proud to add these four new members to our association,” said NAIA CEO Jim Carr. “Each of these schools brings something unique to the NAIA, and we are pleased to add institutions that align so well with our five core values.”

Membership criteria include financial stability, athletic sponsorship, accreditation, and a commitment to character-based athletics. The university says athletics facilities, enrollment numbers, and overall financial commitment to athletics are also considered.

Earlier this year, IUPUC hired Zach McClellan as athletic director and head baseball coach. IUPUC also added Kyle Hawkins as Director of Sports Information, Harvey Scruggs as Marketing Specialist, Scott Bickel as Associate Baseball Head Coach, Tim Hoeflinger as Cross Country Coach. men’s and women’s country and Tommi Stowers as head softball coach.

“The pieces are coming together very quickly and we are very excited to be participating in the NAIA starting this fall,” said McClellan. “We already have 27 student-athletes committed to IUPUC for the coming year, and every day we speak to students who want to help shape IUPUC history through athletics.”

IUPUC indicates that it is currently in the process of applying for membership in the conference.


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