Infovista Launches AI/ML-Based Network Planning, Optimization, and Modeling Solution


Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), recently announced its innovative Smart CAPEX solution for carriers and enterprises that design, deploy and operate 5G networks.

Smart CAPEX accelerates and increases the return on investment (ROI) of 5G network deployment, expansion, and densification by intelligently calculating and optimizing predicted business outcomes, including revenue, churn, and quality of service. experience. The solution enables business and technology leaders to develop an overall business case for network investments based on a common expectation and understanding of how network investment drives revenue growth. This enables, for the first time, a shift in focus in network planning, from optimizing network KPIs to optimizing business results, by combining various and numerous network and business forecasts within a single vendor-neutral software application.

The Smart CAPEX solution enables rapid, ROI-optimized CAPEX allocation for the highest customer experience and revenue through precise deployment and expansion of radio coverage and performance, at the lowest cost. It reduces the time needed to make investment decisions by integrating geospatial forecasting of potential earnings, automated simulation of total cost of ownership, and modern what-if analysis technologies. Combined with its business KPI forecasting capabilities, this accelerates revenue generation and maximizes ROI in a way not possible with traditional, manual-intensive approaches to network planning. Based on Infovista’s cloud-native application portfolio, the solution enables accelerated deployments across regions or markets in a consistent and systematic way by applying models, algorithms, and analytics from a centrally managed and hosted application. This eliminates the need to manually deploy and configure planning tools in each market individually, and provides a single point from which all planning and optimization projects can be viewed by key stakeholders.

When supporting the expansion and densification of live networks, Infovista Smart CAPEX uses powerful AI/ML forecasting capabilities to combine live “operational” network and traffic performance data with live data. to provide accurate insights into the impact of network performance on current and future business results. Operational performance and traffic data provides insights into coverage, quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE), and churn. Business metrics from external data include TCO models, ARPU, crowdsourced data, social media usage, and customer lifetime value (CLTV).

The Smart CAPEX solution enables CSPs to undertake ROI-based site prioritization based on an accurate analysis and understanding of revenue potential, total cost of ownership (TCO), and time-to-market constraints. market (TTM) for new 5G deployments and mobile network extensions. . This includes automated calculations of TCO, such as radio hardware and fiber length, and TTM, such as site acquisition and site construction time, as well as link cost considerations for both. . The Smart CAPEX dashboard provides valuable insights in the form of heatmaps with rich geospatial views. They provide “at a glance” information on the current and expected business performance of network investments in specific areas.

Smart CAPEX is part of Infovista’s Network Lifecycle Automation suite, which enables automation of processes spanning multiple phases of the network lifecycle, accelerating digital transformation for CSPs and enterprises.mounted.

Franco Messori, Director of Product Strategy and Transformation, Infovista
The telecommunications industry today faces exponential growth in traffic; mobile operators, system integrators, tower companies, equipment vendors and ecosystem providers are investing heavily in 5G to enable the delivery of new 5G-enabled services. It is essential to link the evolution of the radio infrastructure to the main business objectives related to revenue growth. Each player in the value chain shares a common interest in ensuring that they can seize revenue opportunities while controlling their costs.


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