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By John Donovan

I first heard of a very unhappy Shell Energy customer, Mr John Wood, in 2019. He was one of the people who encouraged me to start shellenergy.website

John was delighted and greatly relieved when his nightmarish contractual relationship with Shell Energy came to an end.

Unfortunately, his celebrations were short-lived. The company he switched to went bankrupt and, without his permission or consent, the energy regulator referred his account to Shell.

Shell Energy, a company he had come to despise, was thrust upon him.

He soon discovered that Shell Energy is, to say the least, consistent, meaning consistently incompetent and unscrupulous.

The following excerpts are from emails John sent over the past few days…


I’m so angry and I hate being lied to.

They haven’t changed their attitude towards customers at all. They are always ready to do things “their way”.

Shell is still the worst clumsy company I have ever had the misfortune to deal with and I intend to complain to Ofgem and the Ombudsman accordingly.

RELATED EMAIL sent 1/13/22 7:01 PM GM Iby John Wood to Shell Energy Resolution Center Tea Manager.

Re: Billing/payment

Dear Resolution Center Learning Manager.

Thank you for confirming our telephone conversation which, as you indicated, was being recorded.

Fortunately, I also recorded what you said because you were also informed at the end of our conversation.

Glad to hear your insistence on others (meter readings were provided on Jan 5th, updated meter readings not required and estimated bill threatened for next month
has been removed. However. upon receipt of your response today, I checked my account online and contrary to your insurance, NO new invoice (which was due on January 9th) has been issued so far.

You may recall that when I asked you why the electric opening reading was so grossly overestimated as Shell believed) you blamed the directors of Green saying they had not provided the closing reading of the meter that I had provided to them. You actually said the meter reading was “deemed” by Green, which I honestly don’t believe.

Your explanation turned out to be wrong because the fact that the gas meter reading was accurate is clear evidence that Shell DID received the correct and accurate readings from Green.

You see, I’ve had the misfortune to deal with Shell Energy in the past when your company was tried by the ombudsman for trying to overcharge with grossly inaccurate meter readings.

Therefore, I have no reason to trust anything Shell does or says. and obviously nothing has changed in the meantime. My distress that Ofgem has pushed us back into the dishonest clutches of Shell Energy has proven justified and I repeat that I expect our present genuine complaint to undoubtedly disadvantage our Warm Front grant application.

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