How Square Yards Empowers Real Estate Agents With Technology

Sanjay Desai, a real estate agent from Bangalore was in great distress. Its real estate activity collapsed after the pandemic. The lead package he bought from a real estate company came with limited leads, which didn’t pay off because conversions were minimal. Also, with the ad cap in the package, it couldn’t post new ads. While cursing his fate, he once came across a notification from a login app from Square Yards, a popular real estate technology platform. The notification read, ‘Close more deals with Square Yards. Get Unlimited Free Lists + Free Qualified Unique Leads and Earn Huge Profits. Hurry!’.
He quickly signed up to the app and posted a significant number of relevant and high quality announcements from his region. He was delighted to receive quality leads for his ads free of charge without subscribing to any plans. His Eureka moment came when he closed 80% of his ads in one month and raked in double his revenue, thanks to the interactive digital medium and the automated tools in the app.
Realtors like Desai had relied on analog methodologies to manage their real estate businesses for years and were underserved by industry innovation. They did not have access to digital platforms, marketing support or a larger institutional offering.
Square Yards, India’s largest comprehensive real estate platform, well known for its constant innovation, understood the challenges of these small real estate agents and built the next generation of agent-tech platform known as of Square Connect to equip every cutting agent- cutting edge software solutions, so that they can more effectively meet customer needs.

Cabling agents with a new generation technological solution
“Just like how an Ola / Uber has transformed the lives of taxi drivers, we are changing the lives of real estate agents with our Square Connect program and our mobile app. The real estate agents associated with the company are an integral part of the Square Yards distribution team. We are strengthening this partnership by offering them new technological tools as well as supplementing their income. We make money, only when agents make money ”, says Sumit Jain, CBO, Square Yards.
A mobile-centric end-to-end technology aggregation platform, Square Connect has become a powerful tool in the hands of over 200,000 real estate agents today, who use it to create free listings on the go, earn get real free leads, get marketing support and free training to sell better and more convincingly. The app has a smooth and easily navigable interface and uses cutting edge technology that works in depth from listing properties to generating leads, from transactions to after-sales customer management.
State-of-the-art technology and functional solutions help agents complete 3 times more closures than the average
Square Yards agents can easily create an unlimited number of listings on the go, which then go through a rigorous scoring process and ranked on the Square Yards portal based on completeness, image uniqueness. , distribution, price relevance and other parameters.
This rating mechanism ensures that the best quality and relevant ads stay at the top of the ads section, providing more visibility. Once the ads run on the Square Yards network, leads from the ads are directly displayed on the agents’ Square Connect app, from which agents can call the customer directly.


Square Yards’ machine learning-based intelligent lead distribution ensures that high-quality, qualified leads are assigned to the best real estate agent, making it easy to sell properties. Here, the AI-based engine leverages input business metrics such as agent qualifications, service quality, transaction history, customer segment affinity, and other platform activities. -form which are analyzed then introduced into a proprietary gamified algorithm.
Successful agents also earn coins which can be redeemed to earn more leads and other rewards.
This scientific lead development capability allows agents to obtain good quality leads and geo-track meetings and site visits, making them more efficient and achieving 3 times more closures than the average agent in the industry. sector, in addition to helping the company generate good income.
“Our 35,000+ monthly active brokers act as property matchmakers for over 5 million home seekers, recording a monthly execution rate of over 600 transactions and Rs 150+ Cr GTV via the Square Yards portal ”, Jain reiterates.
Superior Marketing Support and Powerful Social Media Platform Boost Agent Performance
With the aim of guiding agents through a competitive real estate market, the Square Connect app also provides marketing assistance to independent real estate professionals, allowing them to share personalized marketing materials on the go like a brochure, business plans. floor, price information, pictures and also a detailed comparison. one-click customer reports.
Agents can also create their own personalized landing pages with reviews and ratings, which helps them maximize lead generation. In addition, the app also has a built-in social feed for interaction, where agents can mingle, share their thoughts and learnings with the community, and co-broker through collaboration tools. This ultimately helps agents to expand their reach and also to be a popular member in the agent fraternity.
Square Yards Preferred Partner Program and Brand Support Strengthens Agent Online and Offline Presence
Square Yards is building the largest distribution network of real estate agents across Connect +, a unique membership program, where preferred channel partners enjoy exclusive benefits, including support for the Square Yards brand. This helps to maximize agents’ income by selling other in-house products such as mortgages, interior and property management services, thus providing good points of contact for their clients in the property buying process.
Through the Square Connect program and app, Square Yards has built a business that is completely aligned with transforming the lives of agents and brokers by delivering breakthrough technology solutions so agents can work smarter and faster. By opening up its technology platform to agents, the company not only made them tech-savvy, but also added capacity and systematic hygiene to the way brokers operate in India.
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