Group, seeking to stop Clayton County feedlot project, files ethics complaint against state senator


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — The group “Save Bloody Run” filed an ethics complaint this week with the state Senate Ethics Committee against state Senator Dan Zumbach.

The group said Zumbach, a Republican representing District 48, used his power in the Senate to advance parts of the project, including two meetings that were held with Iowa Department of Natural Resources staff.

“We have documented the senator’s involvement since 2017, and it continues through October 2020,” said group member Steve Veysey. “Several emails were about the approval process affecting his son-in-law’s business.”

The group said it was also concerned that the company was calling the plan a feedlot.

“Because they designated it as a feedlot, it didn’t go through master die review,” another member said. “The Master Matrix review was open to public comment with respect to the environment.”

Zumbach issued a statement to KCRG-TV9, which read, “I am saddened by this organization’s attack on lawmakers. I have no financial interest in this facility. I have no ability to influence the Iowa DNR.

The Iowa DNR said it could not comment on the allegations because of the ethics complaint. The ethics committee now has the final say.

“Regardless of whether the ethics committee investigates or dismisses the investigation, we still see value in creating a public record of this entire episode,” Veysey said.

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