Greenwich Hospital team helps repair Vietnamese vet’s house


More than 20 Greenwich Hospital workers came together recently to help repair the home of a Vietnam veteran battling brain cancer, thanks to House of Heroes Connecticut.

John McGovern, a US Army combat vet who lives in Stamford, benefited from the free home repairs.

“It was an honor to help a veteran and his family in such a meaningful way,” said Susan Cavanaugh, who helped coordinate the hospital’s volunteer effort.

Lucky day in Greenwich for catching the rainbow

Thomas Silberstein of Greenwich recently captured the captivating image of a rainbow arching over Greenwich Town Hall.

The photos were taken on August 18 after a rainy summer evening. It appeared to be a double rainbow as it rose through the sky.

Local students graduating from Muhlenberg

Riverside’s Skye Gillespie graduated summa cum laude in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance from Muhlenberg College.

Gillespie was among more than 500 members of the class of 2022 at the college in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Local RIT Graduate Students

Matthew Hall of Greenwich graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems.

RIT’s 137th Academic Convocation Celebration was held in May at its Rochester, NY campus

Greenwich student wins award at Hamilton Class & Charter Day

Greenwich student Madeleine Howe was named the recipient of the Jonathan Marder Award at Hamilton College’s annual Class & Charter Day held May 10 on the Clinton, NY campus Established in 1950, the event combines the traditional celebration of the end of classes with a commemoration of the granting of the college’s charter on May 26, 1812.

The Jonathan Marder Award is given to a senior student who excels in the study of psychology. Howe, a senior psychology major, graduated from Greenwich Academy.

Greenwich man named interim chairman of Manhattan College board of trustees

Thomas O’Malley, a resident of Greenwich and Palm Beach, Fla., has been named interim chairman of the Manhattan College Board of Trustees.

He replaces William Dooley, who leaves the presidency but remains on the board.

O’Malley previously served as president between 2007 and 2012. In 2018, he donated $25 million to the college’s School of Business, the largest donation in college history. He is part of the class of 1963.

“We are delighted to welcome Tom O’Malley back as the new interim chairman of the Manhattan College Board of Trustees,” said Brother Daniel Gardner, interim president of Manhattan College in the Bronx, NY. The former president “is one of the most notable alumni and generous donors in the history of the college,” he said.

“Mr. O’Malley’s appointment represents both a connection to our storied past and a bridge to the promise of a bright future,” Gardener said.

After donating in 2018, the School of Business was renamed the O’Malley School of Business. His donation was designed to make a Manhattan College education accessible to students of all backgrounds while strengthening the college’s ties to New York’s business community through hands-on and experiential opportunities, the school said.

O’Malley is the former CEO of PBF Energy, a private oil refining company, and retired from the organization in 2016. Previously, he was President and CEO of Premcor, a private refinery based in Saint Louis.

He received the Manhattan College De La Salle Medal in 1994 and received an honorary degree from the college in 2012.

Greenwich student gets certificate in finance and banking

Margaret Telling from Greenwich, who is majoring in economics, earned a certificate in finance and banking from the Center for Business, Ethics and Society at Holy Cross College.

Launched in 2018, the center’s mission is to foster a distinctly liberal arts approach to the study of business and its role in society. It offers Holy Cross students the opportunity to explore career specializations in finance and banking by visiting top banks and investment firms in New York and Boston with former professionals as mentors.

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