Finch Consulting Recruits Asset Management Specialist in Recruitment Drive


Leicestershire-based health and safety engineering risk management experts Finch Consulting have appointed registered mechanical engineer Paul Wood as lead consultant.

With over 15 years of mechanical engineering experience, Paul will join Finch from his most recent role as Director of Asset Management Engineering with Peel Ports Group.

In his new role, Paul will help the company develop and deploy a suite of asset management-focused services to support the existing portfolio of business offerings.

Paul has a wide range of knowledge and experience in various industries including manufacturing, heavy engineering and marine environments.

Paul said: “Finch has distinguished itself as a forward-thinking, team-oriented company that aims to be the best in its field and wants to help the various industries it works with, not just to make them more secure, but also to help them achieve their business goals. .”

At the start of the year, Finch also recruited Rachael Robinson to the core of the company, the Finch support team. Its role is to support consultants in the delivery of projects.

Dom Barraclough, Finch’s Managing Director, said: “We are very pleased that Paul and Rachael have decided to become Finch’s. Paul’s asset management experience is important in our efforts to expand our offering to our clients. Rachael will be of great help in supporting the consultants in their workload. »


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